Start Off On The Right Foot With Shoes For Every Occasion #CP

One of the most important rules of fashion, men included, is to make sure that you’re dressed for the occasion. Whether you’re out for a chill day with the family, hitting up a work event, or attending a wedding, your shoes are going to play a crucial role in making sure that you fit the moment. As such, here are a few types of footwear you should ensure that you have.

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Be versatile yet classy

One of the most widely used pairs of shoes, the brogues might seem a little like an obvious choice. Of course, you want to be picky with your choice of brogues as, despite the name, a lot of broguing on them has fallen out of style, with more minimalist designs staying popular as of late. They’re great when you’re not entirely sure what the day brings ahead, whether you’re dressing in a light suit or with a fitted pair of jeans.

Get casual and cool

Of course, you’re always going to need a good pair of trainers. Sometimes, you just have to get out the door without too much preparation. On other occasions, you might be headed somewhere casual, and you need the look to match. With sites like Kershkicks, you can get into the more fashionable side of trainers. Having a recognisable brand and wearing a widely popular style can make you rep the family with a little more cred.

When you need to suit up

When it’s time to really suit up for an important role, whether you’re an important guest at a wedding or you’re heading for a crucial business meeting, you need a good pair of formal shoes. Brogues aren’t always going to cut it and, when that’s the case, you’ll need a pair of Oxfords at your disposal. Just make sure you’ve got the measurements for your foot right because nothing is more uncomfortable than an Oxford that’s just a little bit too small.

Managing that dress-casual line

Dress-casual, or business-casual, is becoming a lot more popular to the point that it’s developing some distinct style rules of its own, rather than just being a mish-mash of both sides of the spectrum. Brogues can often work well for this style but if you want to be a little more comfortable, then the Chelsea boot might be the right thing for you. Leather can up the class factor a little more.

When practicality is king

Are you heading out for some yard work, or planning to do some DIY? If you want some grip, but you also want a little of that masculine appeal in your fashion, then a good pair of service boots like those from Scruffs is going to serve you well. Aside from (typically) being pretty practical, there’s a little old-fashioned gruff charm about them, too.

The above examples aren’t going to comprehensively cover you in every possible situation. They will, however, see you through the majority of them, so get to collecting the footwear that you’re missing.

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