Fashionable Yet Tough Scruffs Safety Footwear

In recent years we have worked hard to to turn our once uninhabitable house into a safe and beautiful family home. For those of you that have been following the blog or on Twitter you will know how much time, energy, money and efforts we have put into renovating our home and garden over the past two years.
With all that hard work we have had our family and friends to help us along the way. We have also had to beg, steal and borrow equipment at times to get things done. One brand that i can't sing enough phrases about is Scruffs. For those of you that don't know Scruffs sell hardware and clothing to both trade and the public, they offer quality products and reasonable prices. Why do i like the brand... well i have actually purchased hats and shoes through the site and the fact that they are actually able to stock trendy work-wear that the average person on the street would like to wear. 

So recently when they asked me to review a pair of their safety footwear i jumped at the opportunity. As always there are always jobs to get done around the house and there are always friends and family members that need help, so getting my hands on a quality pair of boots would be handy.

I got my hands on a pair of the GRIP GTX shoes in brown, which are on sale for £95.00. They d o have they in black and blue which look great but i opted for the brown pair as i felt that i would mucky-up the back boots in minutes. 

Besides looking great the GTX shoes have a S3 rating, which means you get a waterproof and breathable boot with GORE-TEX laminate to help protect the shoe from liquids. As you would expect the shoes have a steel toe and composite midsole which means that the shoe won't conduct heat as much as other shoes.

The boots seems highly durable, exceptionally comfortable and we are assured they are fantastic breath-ability. Scruffs say that the shoes are engineered to have extra comfortable ankle protection and tongues which is exactly what you need if you are spending most of your hours in these shoes lifting heavy stuff and generally working hard.

I had the perfect opportunity this week to put the boots to the test as i promised to help my friend lift his roof tiles onto the roof. Whilst it only took a couple of hours i wanted to get them dirty, scuff them a little bit and break them in without getting any blisters.

All in all i was really happy and comfortable in the boots. Even my builder friend was impressed at the style, price and durability. Thanks for reading folks and please do visit if you are need of any work-wear.

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