6 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Stuff Last a Long Time #CP

There's a risk of the weather damaging your home in almost every country. But even in intemperate places, you can make your outdoor stuff last long if you care for them.

Use Hardwearing Materials

If you use certain things outside, there's a good chance they will get roughed up and won't last. Fortunately, certain materials like hard plastics and metals can resist all but the most severe damage. And some are great for long term use. Plastic future, for example, is an excellent alternative to expensive rattan and wicker. But plastics are also helpful for the things you can't see. For instance, your decking will last much longer if you make a foundation with plastic decking pedestals. This means you can enjoy your decking much longer without costly repairs.

Make Your Outdoor Stuff Last a Long Time with Covers

Of course, one of the simplest ways to protect your stuff is to cover it. But not just any cover will do. You need covers that can resist any nasty weather that comes along. So, heavy-duty plastic will do an excellent job for the most part. But for better water resistance, you could use tarps. Tarps are designed to withstand tons of rain and won't rip as easily. But you need to make sure you tie tarps down because they get a good lift in heavy winds. The last thing you want is to be chasing a tarp down the street while your new rattan patio set gets soaked in the rain.

Tie Down Things that Can Blow Away

As well as tying down tarps, it's also a good idea to tie down anything that you cannot store inside. Anything can get blown by the wind if it's strong enough. And you don't want missiles coming at your glass patio doors and windows. For example, the kids' trampoline will get lifted by a strong wind because of the light materials and large surface area. Additionally, strong winds will also move your family caravan. So let the tyres down and secure their anchor points. And if you have a canvas gazebo, deconstruct it or make sure it's well attached to anchors.

BONUS: How to Store Stuff Properly

Storing things properly is the best way to make them last longer. Sometimes you don't have the room or don't know which items go where. Here's a quick storage list:

  • Garden tools: best placed in your shed or plastic garden boxes from DIY stores.

  • Outdoor furniture: in your garage or shed, or somewhere unlikely to get wind.

  • Electronics for summer: store in their original boxes in a dry place.

  • BBQ gas bottles: away from sources of heat or ignition.

  • Outdoor cushions and blankets: wash and store in a closet or wardrobe.

The way you store things can mean the difference between becoming useless or lasting. Most people buy garden stuff for each summer, but most things will last if you look after them.

Store Away Expensive Garden Furniture

Garden furniture increased in price by 155% during lockdown. Even plastic ones. Rattan and wicker are handmade and therefore cost a lot more. But they're also popular as outdoor furniture because they look great in nature and provide tons of comfort. So why spend all that money just to let them get wrecked? Think before you buy them whether you have anywhere to store them away. Otherwise, you will just be wasting money. For example, rattan furniture isn't collapsible, so you need more space for storage. A large shed or garage will do fine.

Make Your Outdoor Stuff Last a Long Time with Protectants

Even while using them, your outdoor stuff can get damaged by spilt drinks, muddy shoes and even the sun. Fortunately, you can use protectants to prevent water damage, scuffs and UV damage. Certain chemicals are suitable for different scenarios. For example, you can use paste wax to protect the metal parts of outdoor stuff from the sun. And you can apply sealant sprays and water seals to cotton cushions to reduce dirt and water damage. And you can use Aerospace 303 sprays to prevent your stuff from getting damaged by UV rays from the sun.

Protect Stuff from the Sun as Well

Speaking of the sun, it can be just as damaging to outdoor stuff like wind and rain. Spraying with certain protective chemicals isn't enough because you have UV damage and heat damage. So you might have to go a step further. It's a good idea to prevent exposing stuff to the sun for too long. So you could install solar protection like awnings, coverings and parasols to protect your garden furniture. These will also reduce your skin exposure, keeping you safe from sunburn. You should also place things where they are least likely to get sun all day long.


Outdoor stuff won't last long without protection. Heavy-duty materials are essential for most things. But you should also store items away. If you can't, then protect things with chemicals.

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