My Summer Wish-list

The summer has well and truly arrived, children all over the UK are on their six week summer break and i have managed to wear shorts six days in a row (Until today). So now that we have the sun-shining, the BBQ's out and the garden furniture set-up i thought it would be worth sharing with you summer my wish-list.

From games to play with the boys through to clothes and awesome gadgets, these products would make mine and maybe your summer a rather fantastic one:

Longboard Stroller

Quinny the well-known pushchair and stroller manufacture have designed a longboard stroller, i got to test it last year and it was incredible. I would love nothing more than to get my hands on one for the summer to skate around the park, the coast and to generally look like an awesome dad.

Long Board Stroller - $599

Summer Clothing

There is never a bad time to replenish those summer essentials and add those must have items to your wardrobe. I have to confess that the shorts that i have in my possession are not stylish, in fact they are in essence 'Brit abroad' shorts. I have recently being attempting to up my shorts game and i have had my eyes on a pair of Armani jean shorts that i think would work: well with a rather nice Armani zip-up hoody from House of Frazer and adding a custom zipper pull:

Men's Shorts - £95
Men's T-shirts & Hoodies - £140

Little Tikes Drive, Chip and Putt Golf Set

For those of you that don;t know yet, i love golf and i would love nothing more than for my son to grow-up and become professional golfer. Hence why i would like to get my hands on a Practice and Swing mini golf set for the boys. Kids from 2-6 years old can either practice hits of tee or chips of grass or they can even remove the flag and play their own mini game.
Little Tikes £17.99

GPS Golf Watch

As a weekend golfer i occasional get let loose on the fairways around Harrogate and one of the most impressive bits of tec on my wish-list has to be the GPS golf watches. Why? Well these watches can help crap golfers like my reduce my handicap and i need all the help i can get!

I have had my eye on the Garmin Approach S6, a rather sexy looking piece of wearable tec. Tt has built-in mapping for 40,000 international courses, and will display yardage to the pin and a top-down view of the hole on its colour screen.  As well providing information on your swing, helping you to achieve a more consistent performance with stats analysis.

GPS Watch - £269


No summer would be complete without having a good old fashion family dual. I remember spending hours playing with blasters with my friends and brother in the fields close-by and my back garden. Well these days blasters are in an entirely different league, take the Nerf N-Strike Hyper Fire Blaster for example....

It's the fastest motorised Nerf dart blaster, unleashing 5 darts per second to rain down a deluge of darts onto targets! With its 25-dart drum, this Nerf N-Strike Elite blaster brings impressive firepower to the battle. It fires darts up 90 feet (27 meters). You can pick these up for £49,99:

Tree House

I always want a tree-house growing-up and the chance are you probably did to. Now that i have a tree smack bang in the middle of my garden i kinda think it would be bloody brilliant to build some kid of tree house. around it I had the idea of buying a raised play house and incorporating the tree trunk into the build. I think i found the one that would work particularly well...

Graden Building Direct: Play House - £220

Goal Posts

Now that we have the back-garden turfed we can finally look to set-up goal nets. Every little boy wants to score a goal against their daddy right?

Football Goal - £12.50
Thanks for reading, have you seen anything you would like to share with me. Leave a comment below...

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