Why Now Is A Good Time To Get Healthy With Cricket #CP

Cricket is a team sport very old (14 th century), it is played with bats and balls. 2 teams made up of 11 players compete on a grassy, oval field in the center of which is an area about twenty meters in length. In this area is a wooden structure called the “wicket” where the throws are made. But can you lose weight with cricket? Is it healthy for us? Is now the time to start playing?

Fight the pounds with cricket!

A sporting activity such as cricket makes it possible to fight effectively against the pounds and to monitor then stabilize its weight while oxygenating oneself, enjoying being with people and practicing a stress-relieving activity. With more than 40 minutes of this sport practiced regularly, it is possible to lose several pounds in a few months. It’s important that you invest in a good bat, of course. In this case you should consider looking at a good value cricket bat. You can look at cricket bats for under £100.

Work on your endurance

Cricket is an endurance sport that will burn a lot of calories. It is practiced over a long period of time and thus solicits a voluminous muscle mass. Likewise, cricket allows you to work on muscle strengthening, especially in the abdominals, buttocks, thighs, back and arms. By practicing this sport, you will not become a "body-builder" but will keep a shapely and refined silhouette.

Maintenance work

Casually, cricket requires that we know how to behave well and that all our muscles are perfectly coordinated to succeed. And to be successful in maintaining yourself well, it is not enough to be thin and muscular. By practicing cricket, your nervous system will program and automate muscle contractions that will give you a good sporty, healthy look.

Cricket and diet?

Sports like cricket are essential for effective weight loss. The energy expenditure during exercise is useful because you maintain your muscle mass. When dieting, we often tend to focus our attention on fat but we lose as soon as the muscles lose their tone. With sport like cricket and a diet adapted to everyone's needs, you will be able to stabilize your weight and even lose fat while toning your muscles. When the body is used to moving and exerting effort, it reaches what is called a new “ponderostat,” another healthy weight that is more suited to your lifestyle. You are then thinner and you can, in addition, allow yourself a few deviations without the scales holding you against you.

A sport to be practiced sustainably

To burn more fat, your body needs to be more oxygenated than to burn sugar. With intense exercise, oxygen is quickly lacking and the muscle uses sugar first. While with sustained and moderate exercise, the body has enough oxygen and the muscles prefer to burn fat and get fit. With cricket, you consume fat thanks to a sport of prolonged duration but at low intensity. Now spring is arriving, now is the time to get involved in outdoor activities and learn something new!

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