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Keeping fit as you get older isn’t something that’s easy. You have priorities that will take up a lot of your daily life, and it can be hard to fit in something that can often feel like a chore for most. However, the reason why it feels like a chore is because you’ve not necessarily found the right type of exercise, or fitness that fits perfectly into your routine. We’re all different when it comes to exercise and how our bodies adapt to the level of fitness we choose to do. Here are some tips to keep you fit as you get older in a way that’s easy enough for you to stick to whilst also being able to do everything else in life.

Focus On Improving Your Attitude To Fitness

Your attitude to fitness is something that you want to think about first. There are lots of people who can find it easy to motivate themselves and others who don’t find it so easy to do. When it comes to fitness, that motivation can dwindle, and it can be a battle to try and get yourself into a routine. However, with that motivation, your attitude also plays a part in it. Why do you think it’s difficult to exercise? How do you see exercise benefiting you in your life? Fitness is not only good for you, but it’s also healthy for those around you. 

After all, you want to be able to live as long a life as possible, and that’s only doable if you’re looking after your body. So when it comes to your attitude, you need to see fitness as being a good thing and not something of a hindrance. That might take a while to achieve, but only by having a positive attitude to fitness can you then feel motivated to do whatever it is that you choose to do to keep yourself active in life. I know i always feel motivated at the thought of going for a round of golf :)

Build Up Your Routine

With fitness, there’s only so much you can incorporate into your daily or weekly life. Yes, we could all do twenty minutes of exercise per day if we had to but that’s not always realistic. We may not feel like working out on some days, and it can be hard to get yourself into that mindset. With that being said, it’s worth starting yourself off at a realistic level of fitness. If you’ve not picked up a dumbbell or partaken in any form of fitness in the last few years, chances are, your stamina and strength, in general, will be pretty poor. So to start off with, it’s best to do one session per week until you’ve got that into your routine. After you’ve done that, you can slowly start to build up to a comfortable amount for you and that you can stick to. That might be one session per week, three or even five. It’s up to you what you do but doesn’t push yourself to the point that you actually demotivate yourself from working out.

Find Exercises That You Have Fun With

Exercise needs to be fun, otherwise putting your body through a lot of work and pain, to some extent, can be like flogging a dead horse. It can be difficult to have fun with exercises that you actually don’t like. It also brings us back to the point before where we’re all different when it comes to fitness. We all prefer to do different forms of exercise or sports, and you may find that your love for fitness changes when you find the right type of workout for you. That could be swimming, it could be football, rugby, or weight-training in the gym. Whatever it is, it’s good to find a variety of fitness activities that you can alternate. That way, you’re not going to get bored with the exercise you have on during the week. It can get boring if you’re just doing the same thing every week.

If you’re doing anything right now that you don’t enjoy, do something else. Trial and error fitness classes or sports teams that are local to you until you find something you love. There are some great tips on how to bulk up if that’s something that interests you.

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Quit Any Bad Habits

We all have bad habits, some are more harmful than others on our bodies. Things like smoking and excessive drinking or taking drugs are all examples of things that cause harm to our body. And if we’re wanting to stay fit and healthy, these bad habits are only going to make it harder for you to stay fit. Try where you can to reduce your alcohol intake, so that you can push harder in those exercises without feeling the weight of last night’s glass of wine or two. Cigarettes can affect your ability to breathe, and so when you’re working out, you need a healthy lung capacity. Try to reduce your smoking if you can or at least on days where you’re working out.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is a key part of staying healthy because our bodies are made up of mostly water anyway. When we exercise, we lose a lot of water through sweating and so it’s important to keep ourselves replenished both before and after the workout. Try to drink around 1.5 liters of water a day if you can. It can all help contribute to a healthier body inside and out. Did you know that water can help contribute to that healthy glow in your skin too? Make sure you’re taking a bottle of water with you to whatever fitness class or sports session you’re attending and that you are replenishing yourself with water constantly. You lose more water from working out and so you should be drinking more water in order to replace the content you lost.

Help Your Stress Levels

Stress levels don’t contribute towards your health, and so when it comes to stress, it’s important to manage it. Stress can be helped by going to the gym or doing some sort of physical activity. It can be a great outlet for that, but in order to help keep your body looking and feeling good, you need to also work on your mental wellbeing. Your mental health is just as important as your physical one, so start working on yourself internally too. It’s all-important to help you stay fit and focused when in the gym too. If you’re worried about other things, then you’re likely to feel distracted and to also feel like you didn’t get a good workout either.

Moderation Is Key With Food

Moderation is an important thing to consider when it comes to your food, and it’s one that influences how fit you keep yourself. We can all enjoy the naughty foods as well as the healthy ones, as long as we eat in moderation. That means not going over your calorie count and thus putting on weight that’s going to affect your health. It will also hinder your performance in the gym or on the field if you’re putting too much food into your body. This can make you feel lethargic, and as a result, it can affect your ability to really push your body when working out.

Keeping fit as you get older is more difficult, but it’s still possible with the right attitude and fitness activities. Use these tips to help you stay on top of it and to incorporate it successfully into your life.

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