How To Maximise Space In A Small Bedroom #cp

Want to make the most of your tiny bedroom? Below are just a few ways to maximise space when your bedroom is small and cramped.

Take time to declutter

When maximising space, the first thing to do is declutter. Get rid of anything in your bedroom that is taking up unnecessary space. This could include getting rid of ornaments and trinkets, as well as culling some of those unworn clothes (this could be necessary if you’ve ran out of room in your wardrobe and drawers and have resorted to piling clothes on the floor).

Buy a bed with storage underneath

Some beds have in-built storage space beneath. This could be handy if you’ve got an overflowing wardrobe and nowhere to put those extra clothes. Alternatively, it could allow you to get rid of storage units that are taking up floor space, by being able to store the contents under your bed instead.

Consider a fitted wardrobe

Fitted wardrobes can be great for making use of alcoves and oddly-shaped sections of rooms. This could allow you to make better use of the space in your room. There are companies that can design and assemble these wardrobes for you. Alternatively, you could try building your own fitted wardrobe.

Choose mounted lamps over tabletop lamps

If your bedside cabinets are getting cluttered, consider opting for wall-mounted lamps instead of tabletop lamps. These could protrude out of the wall above the bed, possibly giving you better light for reading than a tabletop lamp. Such lamps will have to be wired in, which may require hiring an electrician.

Add shelving above your bed

Quite often, the wall space above the head of a bed is left bare. However, this could be extra space to use for shelving or even wall mounted cabinets for placing extra items. Just make sure that this is high enough up the wall that you don’t bump your head on it when sitting up in bed. You should also make sure that it’s securely fitted to the wall, as well as not storing any heavy objects on it - you don’t want it to fall in the middle of the night and cause an injury while you’re sleeping.

Create the illusion of space

There are many decor tricks that can allow you to create the illusion of space in a small room. In other words, you won’t physically increase space in the room, but it could feel less cramped. A few examples include:

  • Hanging drapery near the ceiling. This will make people look up when going into the room and will create a sense of height.
  • Make use of mirrors. Large mirrors will help reflect back the room and make it look twice as big. You could opt for a mirrored wardrobe if you haven’t got much wall space to place mirrors.
  • Put furniture on legs. Cabinets and chests of drawers on legs can create the illusion of more available floor space - which can make a room look bigger.

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