The Wentworth Brewers Fayre Review

So this week the family were invited along to the Wentworth Brewers Fayre restaurant in Barnsley.
For those of you not yet familiar with Brewers Fayre restaurants, they are chain of around 130 licensed pub restaurants in the UK. They serve the nation's favourite pub food, at great value prices, in a family friendly environment - which appealed to me as a young family!

I admit that i had heard of the brand before, but i had never visited one before. So i honestly did not know what to expect and was looking forward to the new experience, so i took a half day from work, met up with the family and took the short drive to the restaurant.

For those of you that haven;t yet visited, the Wentworth Brewers Fayre is situated off the M1 junction 36, north of Sheffield on Wentworth industrial park, it is a 15 minute drive to Meadowhall shopping centre, a half an hour drive from Leeds and close to the Peak district.

So we arrived just after lunch with a very moody toddler, he had a ten minute nap in the car so as you can imagine he was reluctant to do anything after being woken-up. The car park had plenty of space and we all galloped in with empty stomachs.

Inside the restaurant i think it looked rather smart with clean and modern fixtures and fittings, as well as having multiple advertising and informational screen around the place. With amble amount of seating i thought it was light, open and welcoming. We decided to sit somewhere without other dinners as we we didn't want our moody children to annoy anyone.

As soon as we sat down we had a member of staff approach us to ask if us we had visited, if we needed a high-chair and if the boys wanted some colouring activities We quickly settled down and had a look at the menu, we were impressed with the variety of food on offer and the prices were very good. We decided to all go for three courses to put a variety of dishes to the test. I took my eldest to the bar to order whilst mummy keep the little one entertained. We were both fascinated by the unlimited drinks machine and the fact it was a touch screen machine!


As our stomachs were rumbling the adults order a sharing platter that came with chicken skewers, chips, garlic mushrooms, onion rings, garlic bread and breaded chicken The kids tried the all veg starter and i am proud to say we polish every last bite! The starters were tasty, piping hot and delivered shortly after ordering, check them out below:

Main Meals

A good five minutes after our starters our main meals arrived. The children opted for the traditional and safe chips, peas, sausage and gravy. I orderd them mushroom topped burger and my partner decided to go for the gammon and eggs. Honestly we had nothing but compliments for the main meals, even my partner, who is not so easily pleased praised the gammon! I thought the burger was soft, grease free and just the right-size.

Soft Play

After eating two courses we decided to let the kids blow off some steam in the dennis the menace themed soft-play area that is located inside the restaurant. The great thing about the soft-play area is the fact that they have tables inside it on which you can order and eat your food. Most of the tables have a good view of the soft-play area so you could sit and eat your food whilst you little ones explorer. 

Inside of the soft-play area they have the Den where children can sit and watch TV should they want a rest. 

There is an area for the littlest ones and for the bigger infants they have an entire area to explore. What i rate about the facility is the fact that most child could get around the entire soft-play area. I have been to soft-plays areas where even the most advanced infants need help to get around or up on some of the equipment.

Check-out the boys in action:
After twenty minutes of play we asked for our desserts: chocolaty brownie with ice cream and funny face ice-cream for the boys. We demolished the desserts as well with the boys particularly loving the sweets.

Other Facilities

I thought that it is worth mentioning that even outside of the soft-play area they have come CCTV camera dotted around the place so those parents not eating in the soft-play can keep one eye open for their children.

The baby changing room was located in it own room and it was well equipment with everything we need for a swift pit stop. There was also no ramps or steps in sight which was nice as we could let our one year toddle about without worrying.

The Verdict

Honestly... this is one of the best family friendly restaurants i have visited. Not only is the soft-play well designed and cleaned, but it is built with the purposes of being a place to both relax and have some fun.

The food was brilliant, it was cheap and we all managed to have three courses with drinks and still pay less than forty pounds! The restaurant it's self is a modern, warm, open and accommodating place that has everything a parent would need for a hassle free meal.

I would recommend the Wentworth Brewers Fayre to any family!

Thanks for reading and thanks to Brewers Fayre for inviting the family along! Please do follow them on Twitter to keep up to date for the latest offers and news:

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