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What could you do with a few thousand extra a year? It’s not like winning the Lottery, but having that little margin could make all the difference to your life. From taking a family holiday to improving your house,  being able to put more away in savings for the kids, or pay off a loan early, there’s not many of us that wouldn’t welcome just a little extra. And it's entirely possible to create these savings, simply by using one powerful tactic - always buying second hand.  Yes, the pre-loved economy is absolutely booming, as more and more people realise how much sense it makes in terms of saving their wallets, and the planet as well. With technology on our sides, finding the perfect item for you to purchase at second hand is easier than ever, and it could make all the difference to your budget over the course of a year. So what items should you never purchase new?

Your Vehicles

Car ownership comes at a huge cost - both on a personal level and to the environment. And the single most effective way to reduce the impact on both is to purchase a used car. We all know that cars depreciate immediately on purchase, so it simply doesn’t make sense to swap to a new plate. Vehicles that are just a year old, and are perhaps ex-demo models from dealerships, have extremely low mileage, can be found in incredibly good condition and will save you a fortune. Go through a reputable dealer network like Wavertree Car Centre, and you could make a significant saving while still finding the right car for your family.

Your Furniture

Need something new for the home? Before you rush to Ikea and shell out on cheaply-made flat pack furniture which leaves you blue in the face from frustration with making it and soon collapses, consider what you could pick up on platforms like Gumtree. Solid wood furniture can be picked up for less than the cost of modern veneered chipboard pieces, and often features beautiful details like carving. It’s very easy to get started upcycling furniture - you can reupholster old fabrics, paint items in a new colour, adapt them and change the handles to give a completely fresh look, and get something unique and very well made on a small budget.

Your Clothes and Sports Gear

Buying second hand clothes doesn’t have to involve diving into the nearest charity shop. It’s now really easy to source exactly what you’re looking for through sites like Depop and eBay. Sometimes you’ll even find things still with the tags on, but if items have been washed and worn a few times, you can save a fortune while still getting the clothes you want - and perhaps afford to go for nicer makes and still save money! The same goes for sports equipment, which can be easily found through channels like Facebook Marketplace, especially once people’s new year’s health kicks have gone down the pan. The only exception to this is safety gear like helmets, which should always be purchased new to ensure no previous damage. 

Karl Young

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