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Staying safe on the roads is always a priority, yet in the wintertime, we have to be even more careful than usual. Winter weather conditions make the roads more hazardous, as do decreased daylight hours. In the name of keeping yourself and your passengers safe, it’s a good plan to prepare the best that you can.

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Snowy conditions
If your area experiences snowy conditions, it’s better to avoid driving as much as you can. Only drive if it’s unavoidable, and in these cases, always keep to a slower speed. To avoid wheel-spins, pull away in second gear and go gentle on the clutch. When you apply the gas, do so slowly to stop yourself from skidding. If you’re driving up a hill, be sure not to apply any extra gas, just get enough inertia to get you to the top. Try to never completely stop on a hill and when driving downhill, avoid braking and use a lower gear. 

Check your tyres 
In the wintertime, you’ll want around 3mm of tread for your tyres at least. You might also think about investing in winter tyres. These tyres are designed to give you a better level of grip in wet or cold conditions. Traditional tyres can end up becoming stiff if temperatures drop to below freezing. During the wintertime, weather conditions can change pretty rapidly, and winter tyres can react to temperature shifts in a way that traditional tyres just aren't equipped for. 

Check your battery 

When you are preparing your car for winter, you’ll want to have it serviced and to check the battery. Your car battery will be put under extra strain during the wintertime, so it’s worth ensuring there aren’t any problems now. While you’re at it, you should check that your engine coolant is half antifreeze and half water. Sometimes the antifreeze may have become diluted throughout the year. It’s important to get any maintenance issues sorted prior to winter to minimise your chances of a break down in the cold! 

Winter driving kit

Make sure that you prepare yourself with a winter driving kit that you can rely on should you run into any bother. Take a de-icer and an ice-scraper with you, this is essential in case you break down, and you need to keep the windscreen clear. Take a torch with you (and some extra batteries if it’s a battery-powered torch). In the event of a breakdown, you’ll want to have the number of a company like California Car & Commercials who offer a 24/7 breakdown service. Take some extra warm clothes in case you have to spend a little time waiting. Jumpstart cables and a first aid kit should also be part of your winter driving supplies.

Lastly, when you’re planning a winter journey, always leave yourself a little more time than usual. Check all weather conditions, traffic information, and routes before beginning your trip. Remember to ensure that you are always visible to other drivers on those poorly lit roads. 

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