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As a family man, you might be looking for some fun destinations to head with your loved ones this summer which don’t cost the earth. There are a lot of different choices when it comes to a British getaway, and one popular choice is to hop behind the wheel and head for a road trip. 

Today we want to focus on this idea for a summer holiday, so it’s time to head to Hilton CarSupermarket, find a great car and start to prepare it for your road trip with these easy steps. 

Car Checks

There are always several checks you need to carry out on the car if you are looking to head for a long journey. The day before you head on your trip, you should perform the following safety checks:

Oil - The oil level in your car is important because it lubricates moving parts and allows the car to work effortlessly on the road. Always check the oil level because if it is too low your car may break down. You can check oil by using the dipstick under the bonnet.

Coolant - If you plan to head out during the summer, it is especially important for you to check the level of coolant in the car. This will stop the car from overheating on the road. 

Tyre pressure and tread depth - The tyres are an important part of the car and before a long journey it is important for you to think about the pressure and tread depth. Inflate the tyres to the level mentioned in your manufacturer’s guide, and ensure that the tread is above 1.6mm thick.  

Lights - The lights might be something you don’t consider when performing car checks however they are an important thing to check. The last thing you want when out on the road is to experience your lightbulb breaking. Check every light and also make sure that you take a lightbulb set with you just incase. 

Breakdown cover

If you don’t have breakdown cover for your car already, it is important that you take the time to set this up before you go for a road trip, it is important for you to do this to give you peace of mind when out and about that you will be protected. 

Road Trip Essentials

When heading out for a family holiday in the car there are a lot of items you should bring along with you for the ride. Here are some of the most important things you should bring with you in the car:

Important documents - always take your driving license, manufacturers guide, and a list of phone numbers for repairs with you when on the road. 

Sat-nav - Most of the time when you head for a road trip you will have a destination in mind, but this doesn’t mean you won’t make a few detours along the way. Having a sat-nav and a paper map in the car will ensure you don’t get lost and you can make the most of the trip. 

Loose change - Remember there is always a chance that you could face a toll bridge on your journey. Keep some loose change in the car ready for this if it does happen. 

First-aid kit - When on holiday with the family, there is likely to be times when you end up cleaning scraped knees. Also bring along some paracetamol as well as anti-histamine in case any of the family is bitten by a bug.

Torch - There might be times during your trip when you head out in the dark and end up getting a bit lost. Bring a torch in case you have to go and look for help and this will make a big difference to you all. 

Now it’s time to pack up the boot, extreme Tetras style, and enjoy your trip with the family! 

Karl Young

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