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We made our five year renovation plans year and all is going well. We have recently had an architect in to provide us with plans for the extension. Whilst we wait on plans we have decided to redecorate the our year olds room and our very own. We have been considering add blinds i our rooms, but can't decide on which ones to purchase. We like Roller blinds, but they are more unusual than other blinds on the market. They do not crease when you put them down but instead use one piece of material that hangs. This material moves up and down when required and are a stunning option if you don’t want the traditional blind.

These blinds are neat and contemporary, going well in rooms that feel open and spacey. They are more simplistic and give a clean finish to the window but are still versatile. Whether you put them in a space with open-flooring or in a compact room, they will still look amazing.

Despite this, you may be wondering how you can create designs that truly stand out, or coordinate looks to achieve your ultimate interior dream. If this is the case, keep reading to find out more. If you’re still searching at Made To Measure Blinds for blackout roller blinds, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Design tips

  • Can’t Choose Your Favourite Fabric – Go Double
If your heart is set on two fabrics and you just can’t make up your mind, you can always opt with a double design. These are known as Swedish blinds and give you a chance to display both designs for a more rustic feel. It will still have the same mechanisms as the roller blind just with even more versatility.
  • Think About Colours And Patterns
The colour palette is something you have full control of when choosing roller blinds. These will help your chosen design really stand out and complement your d├ęcor. Also, don’t be afraid to play around with different patterns. Think about how they will complement any curtains you use as you will want to pick from the same colour palette. It is important to try and create balance between blinds and curtains however, especially if you’re going for bolder patterns.
  • Think Remote Controlled Designs
Remote controlled roller blinds can be very handy and save time. This is definitely true if you have several windows and you have to spend minutes rolling each blind up before each day begins. You will get to open the roller blinds at the same time with one simple click.
  • Go For A Statement
Think about contemporary layering to achieve a statement look. For example, combining geometric shapes with stripes keeps things unusual whilst creating harmony. It’s the perfect way to get a bold design but still look modern. Try playing around with different shades, patterns and shapes for the design before you commit to buying.

Also, a great option to complete your new blinds is adding a blackout lining. This works well in bedrooms and areas where you can be easily disturbed by the glare of the sunlight such as offices.

Put these design tips into action when you purchase your next roller blinds but feel free to mix it up. There is a lot of room for experimentation so don’t be afraid to mix things up to achieve the finish you want.

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