Breaking Down the Process of Packing for a Move

From my days as a student in Leeds through to moving in and out of flats/houses with my partner, we have seen our fair share of house moves and renovations. Moving homes can be an overwhelming task and to pack all your belongings is a challenge. Although we have collected some tips for you that can help you to pack professionally and to make your moving process dead simple. We have asked experts like Hudson Movers to share their packing tips with us and in this article, we will share these tips with you. So, grab your snacks and make yourself comfortable.

Get rid of the unused things

While packing for the move you will come across the things that you have never used since decades and there are various unnecessary items that you can eliminate from your home. Doing this will enable you to pack less and to organize your important things accordingly. Be ruthless with your stuff and clear clutters from your home. This will improve the efficiency and will ease your packing process.

2.      Categorize your stuff

The pro tip of packing for the move is to sort your things according to the category rather than room. Take a day to sort everything. For example, scour every coat, dirty clothes and all the clothes that you have got at one place and then sort. Do the same thing for your books, papers, shoes and similar other stuff.

3.      Donate and sell

Sorting things by category will let you know that what is useable and what you will never use till eternity. The best you can do with such stuff is to donate it to a reputable trust or charity. It is a good idea to save yourself from picking up and storing things that are not required. You can donate it to the trust and the best part is that you don’t have to go there for the donation. You can call them and they will pick it up from your doorstep. There are other services as well that picks up the stuff and delivers it to the charity of your choice.
There can be items that you no longer want but are in a very fine condition. You can sell them and can get a little money out of it. This way you can optimize your packing and can get a little money out of it as well.

4.      Schedule your packing tasks

You cannot pack all your stuff within a day. So, you have to be wise enough to schedule the tasks accordingly.  Break up your packing tasks and write it on the calendar. Get an estimate and start packing your stuff in a manageable way.

5.      Get boxes from your nearest liquor store

For packing your stuff like books, paper and accessories you will need boxes to carry them in a bulk. To get boxes you can visit your local liquor store and can ask for the recycled and used boxes. Getting these boxes will ease the packing significantly. Make sure that the boxes are gently worn because you might place your valuables in it and you don’t want them to be broken. It is recommended to place light weight items in the boxes such as towels and linens.
But what about the heavy accessories?  By heavy accessories we mean electronics and the best way to transport them is to pack them in their original box. Look for the original boxes in your home and if you have already thrown the boxes then you have to borrow or buy other boxes and you can pad them with cushions for the further safety.

6.      Start packing ahead

You might have to move six months from now but it is recommended to start packing from now or before 2 to 3 months before the move. Packing little is less stressful as compare to pack in bulk. You can pack your stuff that you know you will not use such as of season clothes, your pictures etc. Pack your decorative several weeks before the move because these items can be tricky to pack and they need extra time to figure out how much support and cushion they need to be secured. Packing such things on the day before the move will make you insane. But if you have started already then you will be thanking us for the advice.

7.      Label the boxes

This is another very important tip when you pack your stuff. The boxes that you have purchased from your local liquor store should be labeled by you. This is very helpful in finding the stuff while unpacking. Label your boxes accurately and clearly after the packing. This way you can keep the boxes with the light items secure. Also keep the label side up when stacking it in the van or car. To make it more effective you can also use colored tape to label the boxes. You can also give them numbers and can take notes of every single item inside that box.

8.      Use small boxes for heavy items and use tape to seal them

If you have packed in the past you will be familiar with the struggle to carry large cardboard boxes with heavy stuff. But if you don’t have this experience earlier then it is advised to pack heavy items in small boxes. Heavy items such as books should be in small boxes and light items like pillows and towels should be in large boxes. Use duct tape to seal these boxes and make sure that you use a visible one. Keep the sealed side of the box at the top to keep it secure from opening in the mid-way.

9.      Use your blankets effectively

This is a pro tip to secure your fragile items from getting broken and to optimize the packing. Place your blankets in way that it covers the walls of the box and then place your dishes, decorative items and crockery inside. You can pack more stuff this way and can give further protection. Also shove it in between the dishes. You can even take help of the bubble wrappers and can wrap each item separately. This will keep them fully cushioned and secured. Cover the tops of the bottles of liquids such as shampoos and oils with the plastic paper and can make it secure from leaking.

10. Load heavy stuff in the truck first

Now you have packed all the stuff and the next part is to load them on the truck. The trick here is to load the heavy stuff first so that it fits in the moving truck. Load your furniture such as sofas first and the go with the lighter items. Be gentle with the stuff while loading and don’t hesitate in flipping things over. This will optimize the space usage and you don’t have to hire multiple vehicles to move your stuff. Also, unload the stuff delicately and take help of someone in your unpacking process. Unload your bed as soon as possible because moving can be hectic and you can just crash out right away for some rest. 

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