My Garden Renovation Project Continued....

I've published endless amounts of home and garden improvement blog posts this year. With another weekend comes another post about how i spent the last two days on my hands and knees doing back-breaking work.

You know what us Brits are like, as soon as we get an ounce of sunshine we bounce into the garden pulling out the BBQ and begin working on those almost impossible garden renovations.

Whilst we didn't get the BBQ-out this weekend i did take the first steps to sorting-out our back-garden. The "dream" is to have 70% of the garden turfed so that Ted and baby number two can roam free without a care or hazard in the world.

The back garden in it's current state can only been defined as overgrown. We've taken considerable measures to remove all the overgrown shrubs, grass and ivy in recent weeks. All of this was cut-back and placed on a neat compost pile that hasn't been touch for a while. Considering we had nice warm weather this week I thought it would be a good idea to have a mini fire to burn all the overgrowth on the Saturday.

I've never had a controlled garden fire before but it was easy and i kind of enjoyed the process It took me about an hour to burn the large pile.

Today decide to nip to my local DIY-store to pick up some much needed essential garden tools; a spade, edging tool and hand axe. All needed to tackle the vast amount of work we've got to do in the coming weeks and months.

Putting them to good use straight away i decided to fist dig up the large amount of stones, bricks and paving-slabs littered around the garden. This was hardwork in the midday sun, i not only had to lift the stones and relocate all of them, i also had to fill-in the holes that i had made.

After the backbreaking work in the front garden i then had the task to move some more earth, but this time it was at the front of the house.
As we've recently laid crunch-and-run on the drive the next step in the coming weeks is to order the gravel to lay on top of the driveway. Before the gravel arrives we decided to build in some boarders and it happens that one of the boarders had to be moved back, leaving a notable amount of earth in front of the boarder.

This needed moving and it wasn't a straight forward job as it was littered with roots and stones. So with the axe and the new spade i spent an hour digging up the unwanted dirt and relocated it between the back-garden and the space between the recently installed boarders.

Not only did i tick-off some of the much needed jobs from the to-do-list but i also had new fencing and posts ordered. The fencing is going to replace the existing fencing that is not in great condition. The new fence panels will also make sure our little dog can't escape :)

The next two "tasks" on the never-ending to-do-list is finding an old oak beam or scaffolding plank that i can convert into a bookshelf, like this one here. As well as seeing if we can get a super-awesome Disney Velux blind installed in baby number twos room.

I was also busy over the weekend contributing to an article on that discusses how and why parents can and deserve to have a child friendly home without sacrificing style. Please do go and have a read;

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