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We moved home at the start of the year, as many of you will know already and whilst our bedroom got a good makeover, but my mattress? Stuck in "adulting on a budget" purgatory. It's basically a beach ball masquerading as a sleep surface. Enter the sleep angels at Simba, swooping in with a mattress topper like a lifeline. Genius idea, right? Why didn't I think of this sooner? Maybe because dodging rogue socks and the occasional rogue Cheerio requires Jedi-level reflexes these days. Here's hoping this topper works its magic and saves me from explaining to my back why sleeping on the floor is the new trend.

Simba King Size Mattress Topper Review 

I recently tested the Simba King Size Mattress Topper, which is said to be designed to add comfort and support to any existing mattress. The topper is said to boast a unique combination of features:
  • Up to 2,500 Aerocoil® springs: These springs aim to provide targeted support and a touch of bounce, potentially appealing to those who find memory foam too conforming. 
  • Simbatex® open-cell foam layer: This layer is designed to be breathable, which could be a benefit for sleepers who tend to get hot at night. 
  • Removable, washable cover: This allows for easy cleaning, a plus for anyone with allergies or pets.
The topper is really easy to install, it took longer to open the packaging than it did to slip on to the bed with the four elastic straps!

I was surprised to see that the product is both designed and made in the United Kingdom!!

I've answered the questions i would have asked below to help give you an idea of what the product is and what it is actually like, should you consider purchasing one for yourself.

Simba King Size Mattress Topper unboxed

How much is does a Simba King Size Mattress Topper cost?

The Simba King Size Mattress Topper cost £329.
You can get FREE next working day delivery before 2pm or two working days after 2pm. They do also offer delivery to chosen room & mattress removal in most of UK (select at checkout).
Unsure if the Simba Topper is right for you? No problem Simba say, they offer a generous 200-night trial period. If you decide it's not a good fit, simply contact them and they'll arrange a free collection of the topper and provide a full refund for the topper itself and any financing payments (excluding delivery costs). Plus, there's no need to stress about squeezing it back into the box! For long-term confidence, Simba also includes a 10-year guarantee on the topper. Should it experience any defects within that timeframe, they'll replace it with a brand new one. This combination of a lengthy trial and a comprehensive guarantee offers significant peace of mind when considering your purchase.

What sizes do the Simba Mattress Toppers come in?

You can buy the mattress topper in a variety of different UK standard sizing:
  • Single Mattress Topper: W90 L190 D6.5 (cm)
  • Small Double Mattress Topper: W120 L190 D6.5 (cm)
  • Double Mattress Topper: W135 L190 D6.5 (cm)
  • King Size Mattress Topper: W150 L200 D6.5 (cm)
  • Super King Size Mattress Topper: W180 L200 D6.5 (cm)

What did i like about the Simba King Size Mattress Topper?

During my testing period, I found the topper to be comfortable, like out 8/10 levels of comfort. The combination of springs and foam offered a balance of support and softness, that my old mattress was lacking. Breathable and i can't stress this enough, my old mattress is too hot and with the heat we've just had it has been less than desirable waking up sweating and with a headache: I didn't experience any overheating issues. 

We have young kids and a dog, so what i do like is the easy to care for nature of the product. The removable cover is a convenient feature.
Overall, the Simba Hybrid Mattress Topper is a well-made product with a unique design. If you're looking for a topper that offers both support and breathability, it could be a good option for you. However, it's important to consider the price and thickness before making a purchase.

I did find it hard to adjust to a new surface on night one, but that is to be expected!

What i didn't i like about the Simba Mattress Topper?

1. Slippage 

I didn't like the movement of the mattress topper, every other night we are having to pull it back into place as it is subject to slipping down. Causing our pillows to become partly wedged between the headboard and mattress topper. 

Like with any mattress topper you would expect this to happen and i would go as far to say that it wouldn't put me off buying one, as it just the price you pay for a good nights sleep.

2. The Smell

The topper did seem to smell for 3-4 days, the smell was only what i could describe as a cross between a new car and a plastic manufacturing plant. You have to expect some level of odour with products like this, but on the first couple of nights it was a tad over powering, which lead to a couple of sprays of perfume to sweeten things up. 

Again, this would not stop me from buying the a Simba Mattress Topper, but i thought it was something sharing, as i know some of you would be impacted by the smell. 

Simba mattress topping packaging 

Just a quick one to say that i really like the packaging, as i expected the box to be way bigger!

Simba Discount Code 

For those of you savvy shoppers, simba are offering 15% off your first order when you join their newsletter. You can claim the offer onsite.

Thanks for reading!

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