How To Introduce Your Kids To Golf (Slowly)

It’s rare that children will pick up golf clubs and start enjoying the sport by themselves. It usually takes a bit of encouragement from their parents. 

Fortunately, that’s where you come into the picture. It turns out that you can turn your kids onto golf more easily than you might think with the right approach and attitude. 

So, what do you need to do? Let’s take a look.

Go To A Tournament Together

One option is to go to a tournament together and enjoy the show. Watching the PGA pros do their thing can be a thrilling experience and teaches kids what’s possible with a bit of practice. Sure, they might struggle to reach the green 400 yards away from a single drive, but they can get the inspiration they need to encourage them to practice. 

If you go to a tournament, be sure to make the whole day fun. Make great memories together to form positive associations for your kids and get them hooked on the sport

Head To The Driving Range

Another fun activity to get kids into golf is to head to the driving range. Spending a day there whacking balls into the distance can be an excellent way to improve technique and develop more skills. 

It’s also just a lot of fun driving balls hundreds of yards into the distance. Kids love that sort of thing and it helps to keep them focused for longer. 

Gear Up

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You could also try gearing your kids up. Buying them a set of cheap clubs can help them feel like they have more ownership of the process. 

You don’t need much to get started. A golf scoring card, some tees, a few balls, and a bag for everything is enough to start them off. 

Keep It Short

Don’t spend the entire Saturday on the golf course (like a millionaire businessman might). Instead break up golf into short sessions followed by something rewarding, like food. 

Aim to do a couple of rounds taking no more than 30 minutes to an hour each. Ensure there’s plenty of room for fun in between. Don’t make the experience too serious and allow children to focus on developing their technique and making mistakes. 

Skip The Technical Stuff

Golf is becoming a more technical sport. But if you want to get your kids into it, you’ll want to avoid all the jargon. Instead, focus on the basic elements that build the skills needed to have fun. 

The first place to start is with the initial tee-off. Kids find this the most challenging (since its nothing like crazy golf). The key element is the swing. If children can get it right, they will learn to direct the ball over distance. Other key skills include putting and recovering lost balls in the sand or turf. 

Team Up

Finally, it’s a good idea to team up with other young golfers and go for a round together. This practice can help build strong bonds and friendly competition that inspires kids to upgrade their skills and commit to the sport.

Karl Young

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