Can a Nursing Home Take a Hospice Patient? #CP

Hospices play a vital role by providing support and care to people at the end of life. It supports older people, their families, and other affected people. Hospice's main aim was to help people with terminal illnesses at home. However, one can also access hospice services while residing in a nursing home.

Most nursing homes contain experts who offer custodial care. However, some have a hospice care team who provides end-of-life care in the nursing home. The facility offers these services to residents with terminal illnesses with a life expectancy of not more than six months.


What are the Services Included in Hospice Care?

• A daily check-up by a registered nurse

• Consultation with a qualified physician when needed

• Pain and symptom management

• Reduced hospitalization and emergencies

• Spiritual and emotional support

• Access to medical treatment for related illnesses

• Grief counseling for affected family members after the death of their loved one

Is a Nursing Home a Good Option for a Hospice Patient?

Some Nursing homes have a small hospice care department to offer specialized treatment to your loved one. Others partner with technical hospice providers. The nursing home provides this type of care as a complementary service.

Studies show that hospice reduces the rate of hospitalization in patients. Hospice experts are well trained in offering extra medical support to reduce pain, stress, and other symptoms. These specialists assist family members in navigating through the health care system. Note that these institutions offer care at any illness stage.

What to Consider When Selecting a Nursing Home with Hospice

The Type of Care Needed

Choosing a nursing home depends on the care your loved one needs. If your loved one is suffering from any terminal illness, it would be best to take them to a care home offering hospice services.


If your loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, it is best to arrange for hospice care soon. Offering care at home can be overwhelming since it is challenging to provide the needed care. Taking your loved one to a hospice facility ensures they get specialized care for their illness.

Your Function as the Primary Caregiver

You should ask yourself whether you can offer the needed care at home. You may notice that your health is not the same as it used to be, and providing care to your loved one could be more stressful. Therefore, it would be best to seek professional services to help you care for your loved one. This action will allow you to enjoy more time with your loved one by delegating caring functions to the experts.

Are You Considering Taking a Loved One to a Nursing Home?

Most people hesitate to decide whether to take their loved ones to a nursing home. This bold step requires courage since it comes with a certain level of separation that could be stressful. However, it is the best choice, especially if your loved one is suffering from a terminal illness.

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