Redesigning Your Garden With Your Kids #CP

It may not seem like the ‘coolest’ or most ‘hip’ way to spend time with your kids, but taking on a small building project in your garden together can offer surprising ways to bond with your children. But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense, because what else can create some unusual ties that bind across time? 

Especially if you’re not planning on selling your family home anytime soon.

We can sometimes forget that we have a garden at all in Britain, but thankfully of late (probably thanks to lockdown), we’ve all rediscovered just how much fun a well planned, creative and interesting looking outdoor space can be.

The really cool thing about doing this together as a family, is that you can involve your kids in something that is going to be built to last, and the best part about seeing it done? Well, that’s getting everyone to paint a section of it, or leave secret little messages hidden along beams or flower boxes, or creating a special section of the garden reserved for your ‘time capsule’

Start be reimagining your outdoor space.

As with all building or renovating plans, you need to be able to envision your ‘blueprint’ for the space, and here is where the fun starts with your kids. Involve them. Base your plans on what they’re interested in and what hobbies they currently have. If you have a larger garden you’ll be able to incorporate ‘secret spaces’ and perhaps a casual outdoor theatre, but for small spaces, you can reuse and reimagine spaces from time to time.

Keep it fun and dual-purpose.

Sure, you want those intimate little spots where you can cuddle on a sunny day and read a book to your kids, but you also want to be able to have a space where you can just chill out on a warm starry night, maybe have a hot chocolate and movie night in your repurposed outdoor cinema, or erect a tent for a ‘stay-camp-cation’.

Natural spaces inspired by nature

Think about drawing boards made from wood, outdoor chalkboards made from natural materials, stepping stones made out of discarded tree stumps, garden edges made from timber and recycled stones. Each of these ideas can be made around you and your children, so remember to incorporate their ideas and wishes too. Wood is a wonderful building material and you can let your imagination run wild, so check out your local timber merchants and get building.

Vegetable garden

Having your kids plant and grow their own vegetable garden is a fantastic way to teach them about the cycle of life, the intricacies of nature and how to enjoy their own labour and graft. It doesn’t have to be overly sophisticated, in fact, the simpler the better. If you have more than one kid, it’s a great idea to have each one ‘adopt a veg’ and be responsible for it, or if your kids have had a few issues sharing, they can be jointly responsible for a patch.

Karl Young

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