6 Water-Based Holiday Activities To Consider #CP

If you are going on holiday so you can enjoy a bit of sea breeze soon, you will want to take advantage of one or several of the fun and exciting water-based activities on offer. Here are some great options to consider:


1.     Coasteering

This unique and fun-filled idea will definitely take everybody by surprise. For those who are unaware, coasteering is a holiday activity involving swimming, jumping and climbing the coastline. Essentially you are going to be canyoning or gorge walking. The only difference is the fact that you will be doing so by the sea. This is an exciting idea filled to the brim with adventure. From adventure swimming, to climbing, to jumping, to scrambling, to diving; what more could you want?

2.     Banana Boat

If you have never been on a banana boat before then you are seriously missing out. Basically you and your friends will all be sat on a big inflatable banana. You get zoomed around on top of the sea. It is great fun! Just make sure you are not the first one to fall off.

3.     Boat Party

Imagine this… You are on a party boat, the sun is shining, everyone is in their swimwear, you have an ice cold drink in hand and the music is blaring. Sounds like great fun doesn’t it? You are assured to have a day to remember. Depending on the party holiday boat you choose, you will also have the option for anything from beach barbecues to swimming stops.

4.     Surfing

If you are an adrenaline lover then you will love trying your hand at some surfing. Whether you have tried a bit of surfing before or not; this is something everybody can enjoy because it is a sport whereby each person can go at their own pace. 

5.     Fly Fishing

Fly fishing can provide you with some thrilling entertainment. You and your friends will have great fun as you compete against one and other in order to make the biggest catch. If you want to chill out, then deep sea fishing offers a good option whilst also ensuring you do something different from the norm. Cobbleacre Park is a great place to consider for this activity. 

6.     Jet Skiing

Last but not least, why not have a fun filled day of jet skiing? This is great for those who want to experience the thrill without much effort on their part. Therefore, you get the same kick you would if you were surfing, for example, yet you don’t need to put in the same amount of hard work.

So there you have it: six of the best sea-based activities to try on your next holiday. Which one appeals to you?

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