Who Said Family Cars Can't Be Cool? #CP

When we become parents, we inevitably make certain sacrifices. While your lack of a lie-in might be the most notable of these, the chances are that your vehicles are also a little different now. After all, there’s no space for sporting the latest stylish releases when you have a family. Instead, you’re likely to buy based on everything from price tag through to boot space, and even whether a vehicle can comfortably fit car seats. The trouble is that, for those of us who like to have a little fun behind the wheel, family-friendly car choices aren’t always the best road-based inspiration.

Unless, of course, you take matters into your own hands. After all, there’s no reason that family-friendly needs to mean dull, and even a little updating in the form of new paint jobs, replacement wheels, or much-needed back-end improvements like those on offer by browsing a Scorpion exhaust supplier or similar can all provide the breath of fresh air you need. Alternatively (or perhaps as well as!) you may also prefer to buy a funky family car in the first place. Don’t believe they exist? Keep on reading to find out how wrong you are!

Family fun car 1: Volvo XC90

The seven-seat capacity that you get with the Volvo XC90 means that it’s still a firm family contender despite a fair few years on the market. Unlike the bulky finish that you might expect with a car of this functionality, the XC90 is a pretty cool customer, with a sophisticated design that’s certainly sleeker than close rivals like the Land Rover Discovery. An eight-speed automatic gearbox especially pairs with adaptive cruise control, keyless starting, and hands-free power tailgate to mean, while it’s not exactly a Ferrari, it is a lovely car to drive!

Family fun car 2: Volkswagen ID.3

VW’s first electronic offering comes in the form of the ID.3, and it’s a tempting, but undeniably cool family option. This is particularly appealing for a family vehicle that you can have a little fun with as it’s not specifically family-oriented, but you can enjoy its offerings in a specific family trim that offers five-door comfort and space alongside notable ID.3 plus points. The ability to custom build your own ID.3 especially enables you to keep the kids in mind while also having fun with Matrix LED headlights, futuristic interiors, and even windscreen projections if they take your fancy!

Family fun can 3: Honda Civic Type R

A little more on the sporty side, the Honda Civic Type R boasts 316bhp, but with all the space and comfort that you need to keep the family happy. Bucket seats will especially help to keep your kids comfortable, while adaptive dampers and a multi-link rear suspension setup ensure day-to-day efficiency. Meanwhile, a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine and an undeniably sporty exterior enable you to have plenty of fun while the family is elsewhere! 

It’s entirely possible to get the car you need, while also ensuring the model that you want. And, any of these funky options make it possible!

Karl Young

Part-time daddy and lifestyle blogger. Father of 2 boys under 2. Golfer, scare-fan, tea-lover, traveller, squash and poker player. I write on the @HuffPostUK http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/karl-young/

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