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The Summer Holidays are in full swing and like many of you, we have already done our fair-share of adventuring to places new and old, in an attempt to keep the kids entertained. One place we revisited this week was Piglets Adventure Farm in York

We took the boys back in 2018 and i wrote a post on the "10 things you need to know before visiting piglets adventure farm", in a bid to help those with young kids make the most out of their day out. Since 2018 we have revisited the farm twice, with Halloween and being our favorite time to visit, due to the fact that they go all out to bring scares and fun along with pumpkin festival. With Christmas at piglets farm being my 2nd favourite time to visit.

It must have been just under two years since our last visit, so naturally i jumped at the chance when i was asked to revisit the park and write a review on their new beach installation. So in this post i am going to attempt to showcase their brilliant new beach and detail anything else i feel that has changed and or improved since my last visit. 

The Beach at Piglets Farm

The beach area is located towards the back end of the park, which helps it feel more secluded and it is not amongst the noise of the other attractions. Which means that when you are in the beach area, it very much looks and feels like you have just stepped on to one of Yorkshire's lovely beaches.

As you enter the beach, you are welcomed by the upbeat music playing from the beach shop on the left. Which is fantastic shop as it sells everything from spades and sun-cream through to ice-cream and ice cold drinks. The entrance and all along the side of the beach-hit is boarded which makes it wheelchair and pushchair friendly and easy for us parents to avoid the sand. 

The beach area it's self is rather large, which provides your little ones with amble amount of space to play in their own patch of sand, thus reduce any concerns of any arguments of spade stealing or sandcastle smashing.

The main two features of the beach are the life guard play frame, which is a baywatch inspired structure with pullies and sand slides, and the water pump and dam, which enables the little ones to get access to water for their sandcastle moats, have water fights or too simply have a good old jump around in the water collecting at the bottom.

When it comes to seating, your can either settle down on the seating next to the beach shop, on the other side of the beach where there is a 10 picnic benches (some with parasols) or you can hire one of the beach huts that run alongside the beach. We were blessed with a super-hot day so having a shelter to come back to was priceless. You are given a key for the lock upon arrival, which means you can leave all your gear for the day within the beach hut if you wish.

We found the huts useful for changing the boys in and out of their wet and sandy clothes and we decided to spread out visit throughout the park throughout the day, so we could avoid the mid-day sun. The beach huts come with two deck chairs, a table and benches to sit round on the inside (not movable). 

If you plan on visiting piglets farm and visiting the beach, then i recommend you bring your own bucket and spades, a change of clothes or multiple, a towel and appropriate footwear like crocs or flipflops for your little ones, as the boards and sand can get hot, if you are lucky enough to visit on a really hot day, I would also suggest bringing a bottle of water along, as the tap to rinse off sandy feet was broken so we had to resort to using our own water-bottles to wash off the sand.

We saw multiple families and friends sharing their huts during the day. 
If i was to visit again i would definitely rent a beach-hut, as it provided a much less hassle free day out.

My opinion since my last visit back in 2019?

The park has more to offer now since then, with the addition of new attraction and more facilities. I forgot just how well spaced out everything is, which made it much easier than i anticipated to be socially distanced. I was taken back by just how much we needed/wanted to see and do, so at the start of the day we really had to plan out our day to ensure we got round to each section of the park in enough time. 

The beach itself was the big hit of the day as the nice weather made it feel like we were on a beach in Portugal or Spain. The boys played on the beach for three hours in total and to be honest, i should have taken a book with me, as i found myself bored as now they are 6 and 7, they are able to play without us constantly worrying about their location and behavior. 

The price for food and drink is what you would expect to pay in such attractions, however the quality of food is higher than what you would expect to find at other farms or theme-parks. I highly recommend their pizzas!

Since my last visit, they have invested in more signage, which sounds like an odd thing to point-out, however the investment made the park feel more professional and inline with what you would find at a theme-park.  

The activity booklet at the start is also worth mentioning here as it provided the kids with a focus and excitement of the impending fun, but not only that it made the concentrate on each of the attractions / activity more, instead of just motoring through each of the attractions in minutes.

So in summary, we loved it. The improvements made in recent years really did make the experience feel like a family day out and not just a trip to a local farm. I will definitely be visiting again this autumn of my own accord. 

How much does it cost to get into Piglets Farm? 

The price can vary due to the season and activities. Looking at the cost of entrance to piglets farm for their summer fun tickets, you can expect to pay:
  • Adults (17+): £10.95
  • Children (1-16 years): £11.95
You can also book a beach chalets to rent for £30 a day (plus a £10 deposit). You can pre-book a beach chalet online or on the day at the beach kiosk.

I would also recommend keeping an eye out on the following websites, if you are looking for discount codes or deals for Piglets Adventure Farm:

Directions to piglets farm 

The farm is location 15 minutes from York, 42 minutes from Leeds , 1 hour and 26 minutes from Manchester and 40 minutes away from Harrogate. The postcode to use for your sat nav for piglets is YO32 9ST. Their address is Towthorpe Grange, Towthorpe Moor Lane, Towthorpe, York, YO32 9ST

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