Modern families and, along with them, father-children relationships have evolved with time beyond their standard dynamics. Families have become much diverse in their make-up and functionality. Issues like women becoming more independent, higher divorce rates, same-gender marriages, unmarried parents, and single parenting mean that the outlook of parenthood as a whole has changed over time.

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With that said, here are ten tips that will help you in becoming the best dad you can be

1. BE AROUND AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Always make an effort to be there from embryo to when they crawl to their first day in kindergarten to when they graduate college to when they get married. You don't want to spend your later years wishing you had gotten more time with because that is a horrible feeling.

2. BE AWARE THAT TIMES CHANGE. One of the easiest traps’ dads fall into is to measure their kids with the same yardstick used for them. Parenting has become less hands-on as decades have gone by. Adjust with the times

3. BEWARE OF YOUR INTERACTIONS WITH YOUR PARTNER AROUND THEM. Try as much as possible to avoid disputes in front of your kids. Your attitude to your partner in front of them will have a big influence on the way they treat their future partners

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4. DO NOT TRY TO OUTDO YOUR PARTNER It could end up making your partner seen in a lesser light in front of your kids. Not to mention you could also become an easy target for your kid's more outrageous demands. It could also spectacularly backfire as your kids could interpret such behavior as overbearing and then try to keep their distance.

5. IT'S OK TO DO THE DIRTY WORK. Traditional dads like to steer away from many 'mom' stuff like feeding their kids, changing them, or taking them to school, but these activities are nothing to be ashamed of. They help make the father-child bond even stronger

6. BE EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE. Your kids will go through the full range of emotions, and you must show an open heart to whatever they go through. Celebrate their victories and mourn their losses so that trust will be built. Do not avoid the several conversations they will try to have as they discover new things in life.

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7. FIND A BALANCE BETWEEN RESPONSIBILITY, DISCIPLINE, AND REWARD FOR THEM—this important to prevent them from becoming spoiled or rebellious. You're only setting yourself up by giving them responsibilities much older than them or over rewarding them.

8. DON'T RESENT THEIR LIMITATIONS. Simply put, be their biggest fan. No dad doesn't want his kid to be a world-beater, but wishes aren't horses. So, she's doesn't want to become a doctor or he's not good at football, it's not the end of the world. It's ok to push your kids as much as possible, but you must learn where the limits are to avoid breaking them.

9. BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL. Because they are the first set of people they ever look up to, kids tend to, consciously or not, take the best and worst traits of their parents. The early parts of their development are a big manifestation of 'monkey see monkey do.' Be morally upright and avoid unhealthy behavioral patterns around them.

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10. LEARN WHEN TO TAKE A STEP BACK AND REEVALUATE. There are no ten commandments of Parenting methods. No matter how many parenting guidelines you follow, kids are still human at the end of the day. What worked for you for your first kid may not work for his siblings

Few things bring emotions to the face of a man, like the birth of his child. Sometimes, it feels like babies have a superpower with how they are capable of turning the most macho of men into piles of mush. However, this isn't where it ends. You still have to be an actual dad, and raising kids has never been a straightforward job. But the window is an active part of your child's growth isn't as open as it looks, and it is important to make use of it before it closes.

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