5 Podcasts To Help Save Your Family Money #cp

Looking after your family finances can be a bit of a chore, there’s always something new to pay out for, and sometimes it can feel unmanageable. To stay on top of things, what you need is some expert advice, to help you set realistic goals. With the help of these five podcasts you can save more money, and get on top of your family finances.

1 . It’s Your Money

‘It’s Your Money’ is a podcast brought to you by financial journalists Sam Broadbeck and Laura Miller. Here you’ll find conversations all about finances, whether it’s retirement options, managing family finances, or taking the stress out of your taxes. Perhaps you like the idea of investing, but you’re not sure where to start? If so, Laura and Sam have got plenty of great tips for beginners. Want a few travel hacks for your next family holiday? Looking for a non-boring insurance guide? Here you’ll get all this and lots more.

2. The Family Finance Show

This podcast was created to help families improve their financial decisions. Every week Diana Granoux and Warren Ingram share tips on organizing family expenses, decreasing debt and improving your future finances. Themes explored on the show include getting your home loan approved, investment for beginners, and getting your kids started with saving. Tune in to The Family Finance Show, for all the advice and support you’ll need.

3. Cash Chats

Cash Chats is brought to you by Andy Webb, a finance expert with plenty of useful tips. If you want to learn how to reduce your energy bills, and get the best prices for your online shopping, you’ll find the answers right here. Get advice about the best budgeting apps, on how to complete your self-assessment. Get to grips with the basics of Bitcoin, or learn how to take your family savings to the next level.

4. Money Box

Money Box brings you plenty of news and trends from the world of personal finance, helping you to make the most of your cash. Financial journalist Paul Lewis has got plenty of family finance tips, plus tips on budgeting, retirement and investing. Want to learn about cryptocurrencies or how Brexit is affecting your finances? Looking to improve your finances as a self-employed person? Tune in to get all these money-savvy tips and start saving your family money.

5. The Dave Ramsey Show

The Dave Ramsey Show is one of the leading financial podcasts, helping listeners to make the most of their money. Dave has got lots of straight talking tips on your money and your life, helping you to secure the future that you deserve. A few episodes on the show have included, ‘Where Do I Start When It Comes To Investing?’ or ‘How To Change My Impulsive Spending Habits?’ Whether it’s advice about debts or tips on life insurance, you’ll learn plenty here.

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