Small Renovations That Won’t Cost The Earth #cp

While the world is in disarray; many of us are stuck at home not able to go anywhere to do anything safely. During this time you’ll likely notice a lot of flaws in your home that you want to change and improve, and it is natural for us to get sick of the same four walls and want to change them. 

Today we want to talk about some of the small renovations and projects you can do in your home during lockdown that won’t cost the earth.

Skimming your walls 

One of the first jobs you can do this month to your home is skimming your walls to get rid of any uneven patches, cracks, or holes from hanging photos. The plaster on your walls needs to be flat for the easy application of wallpaper and safety, and you can spend a little money whether from your own pocket or Payday loans to get a professional in and skim the walls this weekend. It won’t cost too much but it will make a huge impact on your home. 

Fixing wonky paving stones 

If you have noticed over the years that your paving slabs at the front and back of your home are wonky - it is now the time to fix them. You can fix paving slabs yourself by digging them up and flattening the ground underneath them. Fill in the borders with cement to prevent weeds from growing through and this will make your front and back patio both look brand new and keep your garden looking tidy. 

Regrouting your tiles 

Over time the tiles in your bathroom and the kitchen will become discoloured and pick up moisture from their surroundings. This causes the grout surrounding the tiles to become yellow or blank and this can make your tiles look old and drab. You can easily replace the grout around your tiles in one afternoon by scraping away the grout, vacuuming the areas, and reapplying grout using a credit card. This is a simple and cheap DIY that will make a huge impact to your tile walls. 

Applying new gloss paint 

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels
Gloss paint is often found around the doors, skirting boards, and stairs of the home. This type of paint is waterproof and has a glossy finish and should be repainted now and again to refresh the space. If you feel as if your gloss paint around the house is becoming a little dark or discoloured it is time to repaint your doors and skirting boards this weekend. Gloss paint is not expensive - and to re apply paint you simply need to sand away the old paint and apply two new coats. 

Changing the walls 

One of the biggest ways to change your home cheaply is to change the paint on your walls. If you have a colour scheme in your room currently of blue, grey and purple and your walls are painted blue - make a simple change by painting the walls purple instead. This way you’ll stay within your colour scheme but you will also bring a whole new spin on the design. 

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