A First Time Dad's Guide to Weaning #cp

As a first-time dad, you can't deny the signs when your baby is not satisfied using a bottle. It shouldn't come as a shock you see your baby taking everything, he can lay their hands on in their mouth, it can only mean one thing! It's time to start introducing your baby to food. If this is your case, read this guide to weaning your baby.

Weaning Top Tips

When weaning your baby, there are some tips you should consider that can make you a proud dad. First, you should check the temperature of the food before giving it to your baby. Baby love to eat at room temperature. So refrigerated food should be served in a plate then place in another bowl containing hot water for some minutes - microwaving is not recommended.

Additionally, you might need to feed them on your lap sometimes but use high chair whenever possible. Besides that, first-time dads should go at their baby pace - don't rush them. Let them learn the art of swallowing. Also, you should try new food one at a time. Apart from that, ensure that you respect their mealtime. You should also have a weaning bib at hand, places like Bibado sell excellent ones.

Types of Weaning

There are two types of weaning that you can adopt for your baby - traditional weaning and baby-led weaning. You can choose any one of the two or mix them - it's your choice. If you're looking for the perfect coverall bib for your baby, then you should consider a weaning bib. It has extra soft waterproof materials to ensure your baby are always comfortable during mealtimes.

Traditional and Baby-led Weaning

The traditional weaning is what most parent thinks of when they think of first foods for their baby. Traditional weaning means you will feed your baby mashed food using a spoon. On the other hand, baby-led weaning means you let your baby learn how to eat at their own pace.

Recommended Food You Should Try out First

When you first start weaning, some of the good foods you can introduce your baby to include pureed vegetables and fruit or baby rice mixed with a small portion of baby's milk. We all know babies like sweet food, so introducing them to foods they are not familiar with can help them develop a taste for various food.

How Often Should You Give Your Weaning Baby Solid Food?

As a first-time dad, we recommend that you offer your baby solid food once in a day. After a month, you can increase it to two solid food, and then three meals. When you're just introducing your baby to solid food, it's recommended that you start slowly. Also, ensure that you stick to a time of the day to help your baby get used to mealtimes.

Type of Foods that You Should Avoid

When introducing your baby to adult feeds, foods like nuts, wheat, peanuts, eggs, liver, seeds, soft or unpasteurized cheese, shellfish, cows, and fish should not be given to your baby before six months of age. After six months, food encompassing gluten and other ingredients that cause allergies should be introduced one at a time to know if your baby has a reaction.

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