What To Do If You Keep Failing Your Driving Test #cp

Nobody likes failing their driving test - it's embarrassing, especially when you look at how bad most drivers are! It makes you wonder how bad you are if you can't even pass this simple test. Still, there are many reasons you keep failing - mainly nerves - and some aren't really your fault. So, here are a few things you should do is you keep failing your test:

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Switch to an automatic car

If you keep getting pinned for stalling or struggling to change gears, it's the universe's way of telling you that a manual car isn't the one. Instead, get automatic driving lessons and take a test in an automatic car. Now, this means you can't ever drive manual ones - unless you go back and pass the manual driving test. Still, automatic cars are much easier to drive as you have fewer things to worry about. Realistically, most people prefer driving them, so why don't you give it a go?

The good thing is, you will already have a basic understanding of how to drive a car. So, you only need a few lessons in an automatic to get to grips with the new layout. 

Book your test at a different place

Sometimes, people fail their tests because of where they book them. You might have a driving centre in a terrible part of town, meaning you go through awful traffic. The more cars on the road, the more chances there are for you to fail. Instead, book your test at a different centre in a much quieter area. Spend a few weeks getting to know the roads in the area, then take your test. You may pass straight away as it's more peaceful and there aren't any stupid drivers making you fail. 

Plus, you might have a bad examiner at your old testing centre. Some driving instructors are just plain mean. They fail you for the smallest things, and it becomes very frustrating. Switching to a new place may give you a nicer instructor that's more lenient. Again, the chances of passing are higher!

Go out in your car as much as possible

Don't be discouraged by the failures - use them as something to learn from. Think about why you failed and head out in your car as much as you can. Practice driving around and pulling off all the different manoeuvres. It's easy to go off driving after your first few test failures, but this is a bad thing to do. You need to increase your confidence and feel natural behind the wheel. Book more lessons if you don't have a car, or go out with someone who will help you drive around. Slowly but surely, driving feels natural, and you will pass the test. 

All of these ideas can be used after consecutive test failures. They're aimed at anyone that struggles with the practical part of a driving examination. This could be you, or it could be your son/daughter! Either way, use this advice to put the past behind you and look ahead to the future. Next time the test comes around, you should pass with flying colours.

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