Christmas Prep: Decluttering 101 #CP

Christmas is a couple of weeks away and now is the time to start decluttering everything. It's the best time of year to declutter, too, especially if you have children. With all of the new gifts about to go under the tree, it makes sense to get rid of all the older things and replace them with the new.

Clutter doesn't just mean toys and children's paraphernalia, though. Your whole house can be full of clutter and while it's nice to think that you'll deal with it later on, you know you won't! Christmas may also see your home heaving with guests - which means that you need to get rid of all of the clutter early to make room for the people. Sorting 6 yard skip hire now will mean you have somewhere just outside the house to chuck the mess, and you can arrange for it to be collected just before the festivities begin. So, where do you start? Let's look at where you should declutter in your business.

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  • The Kitchen. The refrigerator, freezer and your pantry all need to be decluttered properly before you head out Christmas shopping. Getting rid of the expired food, cleaning out the shelves and doors and making sure that there are no remnants of food left will really help you to keep it clean for the Christmas food. Box up some tinned goods, too, to take to the food bank. You won't be disappointed in your efforts for charity!

  • Closets. Every closest in the house is going to need an overhaul and the charity stores will really thank you! Clothing is a popular gift, and you should consider organizing yours before the gifts are opened on Christmas Day. Go through the kids closets, too, and make sure that you are putting the things that don't fit into donation boxes.

  • Counters. The more you declutter your house, the messier it'll get but it's only temporary. You need to tackle each of the counters and junk drawers in the house one by one, and as you go, bin things you don't need and donate the things that are in great condition and you don't need them. You can never have enough counter space, to make sure that you are clearing as you go - don't just move things behind you! Organise the junk drawer with drawer dividers and you can even make sure that the hidden junk is in order.

  • Paperwork & Files. When you have guests coming to your home, you want to ensure that all private paperwork and files are hidden away - but sweeping them into a drawer isn't the best idea. You want to organise it all so that you can find what you need when you need it. Decluttering the space before Christmas is going to help and you can ensure that you don't have any random pieces of paper floating around!

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