8 Fundraising Ideas You Need To Try At Work #cp

Every company that takes up space in the world looks to give back to it. Whether this is for philanthropic reasons, for financial reasons or simply for some great press, charity is always available from a business who is looking to do something more. If you are running a business, then you likely need to know how you can give a little back, and one of the best ways to do it is through fundraising attempts. Below, we’ve put together six amazing fundraising ideas you need in the workplace to bring people together and raise something for those less fortunate.

Shocking Shirt Day!

You can start one of the many charity challenges with a Shocking Shirt day at the office. Office uniforms can be so stuffy sometimes, but why not do something different? You can see which of your colleagues can come up with the best ideas for funny fashion, and make money for a cause along the way. Choose a charity that will benefit from the money you raise, and remember that the louder the shirt, the better! The winners can keep a loud shirt design of their choice as a prize.

Sports Day

Take it back a few years and host a sports day for your company. Your department against another could be some healthy competition, and you can sponsor a charity name to raise money with clients. Inter-department sports tournaments are perfect to choose who rules the roost in the office once and for all. Buy a trophy as a prize and have each team fight over it (healthily, of course!).

Modified Swear Jar

While you may not have a swear jar for the office, you could always have a Jargon Jar. Any time a colleague uses a jargon phrase, they have to give a donation to a charity of choice. The money builds up in the jar, and you can then send the money to charity when the jar is full. Some of the best suggestions include things like “hit the ground running”, “close of play”, “strategic thinking”. You get it.

Guess The Baby Charity Game

You can ask everyone to bring in a baby photo of themselves, and have a game of everyone guessing who’s who. Everyone makes a guess for a few dollars at a time, and charges an entry fee to guess in the first place. You can give a prize to the person who guesses the most correctly.

Matched Giving

You can do a very simple concept to raise money for charity called Matched Giving. This is where your company can match the donations that the employees manage to raise, and it could help you to double what you offer to the charity.

Hour Donations

Ask everyone in your business to donate an hour of their pay to a charity. One hour isn't much in the grand scheme of things, and you could still raise a lot of money with it. Charity begins where you start it, and it’s the best way to do it.

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