5 Top UK Staycation Spots #cp

A quick look around the site will tell you that creating adventures and essentially memories for the family is at the forefront of everything. A great way of bringing a family together is by going away on holiday, be it abroad or at home in the UK.


Staycations have become increasingly popular in recent times, though, with families all over Great Britain opting for local adventures on a more regular basis. Not only is it kinder on the wallet to have a staycation, but there’s an abundance of options on offer too. Of course, the UK doesn’t have the ski slopes of France or the luxury beach resorts the Bahamas offers, but there’s still plenty on offer in the British isles. In fact, from the likes of outdoor adventuring to relaxing in the Great British countryside, there’s a comprehensive selection of locations to choose from. It isn’t always easy nailing down that final spot, though.

So, with that in mind, here’s a look at some of the best destinations for a UK staycation.

Jurassic Coast, England

Stretching from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset, the Jurassic Coast is a coastline full of natural beauty and stunning views. Whether you’re keen to relax in a cottage overlooking the sea while enjoying a book or playing gladiator slot games like the one available at www.casino.com/uk/slots/gladiator/, this peaceful spot is perfect for the family. There’s an abundance of beaches to choose from, lovely historical towns such as Lyme Regis to visit, alongside an array of great food and entertainment to enjoy.

Ballycastle, Northern Ireland

Located at the north-easternmost coastal tip of Ireland, Ballycastle is a relatively untouched place to visit with smaller crowds compared to other tourist hotspots in the UK. If you’re keen to take in some amazing views and experience Northern Irish life, then Ballycastle’s superb pubs and restaurants are a great place to start. From there, a visit to Kibane Castle is a must. There’s plenty of other things to do, too.

Padstow, England

Padstow is a beautiful town in the north coast of Cornwall, famed for its delicious seafood restaurants, such as Rick Stein’s establishment, its fishing port, and its sandy beaches. Overall, Cornwall is a hugely popular location for Brits to visit, with Padstow being one of the favourites. There’s an abundance of other places to visit in Cornwall, but Padstow is certainly up there with the very best, especially if you like seafood!

Snowdonia, Wales


If outdoor adventuring is something your family enjoys, then there are few better places to visit in the UK than a place that resembles the beauty of New Zealand, Snowdonia. Situated in North Wales, Snowdonia is the perfect location for people wanting to immerse themselves into nature and see natural beauty in the process, such as the largest mountain in England and Wales, and the biggest natural lake in Wales. Put simply; there are very few places like Snowdonia in the world, let alone the UK.

Edinburgh, Scotland

From endless amounts of whiskey for mum and dad to an array of animals at the zoo for the kids, Edinburgh has lots on offer for families. Time it right and you can be there for the amazing Fringe Festival, although there’s still lots to do if you don’t. With activities and fun to be had, alongside its top restaurants and friendly locals, Edinburgh is a great city.

Other places well worth considering are Pembrokeshire in Wales, Isle of Wight in England, Lake District in England, Anglesey in Wales and Isle of Skye in Scotland.

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