5 Steps to Awesome Skin for Men #CP

Knowing what goes where and what a good skin routine should look like, isn’t something that most men are taught. So where do you start?
Relax. We’ve got this.
1: Know your skin type: There’s no point investing in rich and creamy cleansers and thick, indulgent face creams if you’re a naturally oily guy. It’s just never going to work. Likewise, if your skin is dry as the Sahara, then gels and light lotions aren’t going to cut it. Do you have an oily t-zone? (that’s your forehead, nose and chin). Dry patches? Combination? Once you know your skin type you can make sure you are buying the right products and save yourself a fortune on things that just aren’t going to work for you. 
2: Cleanse. Twice a day, every day. That means taking the actual product and putting it on your face, and then taking it off again. Not soap (too drying). Not water (pointless). Choose a cleanser that suits you and your skin. A wash-off cleanser is great if you like to cleanse in the shower, and can work really well for normal to oily skins. If your skin is drier, try a cream-based cleanse that can add a little richness to your skin and not strip anyway any hydration that’s there.
3: Exfoliate. At least twice a week. Okay, we’ll let you get away with it once a week if you promise to do it religiously. All skin, even dry skin - can benefit from regular exfoliation. It helps to get rid of dead skin cells which lead to dull skin and clogged pores, stimulates cellular turnover, prevents shaving rash and gives you a healthy glow. The older you get, the more important this is. 
4: Put something on your skin to hydrate it. Again, twice a day, every day. That could be something like hyaluronic acid (because it’s not really an acid like that, it’s packed full of mega-hydrating superpowers), or a moisturiser. Or both, if your skin needs it. Moisturisers can be gels if you hate feeling greasy. You could choose a balm, if you like something light and easily absorbed. Use a cream, which can be the richest formulation. Or mix it up. Use a gel in the day and a cream at night. 
5: You need an eye cream. Especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. The skin around our eyes is super fragile and has less sebaceous glands, which means it tends to be dryer and more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. A good eye cream can help reduce dark circles, target fine lines and reduce puffiness and signs of fatigue. Opt for a gel formula, which will keep your eye area hydrated without blocking pores or looking greasy.

Karl Young

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