Vinyl flooring that changes with the seasons #cp

During the height of the British summer and the lows of the winter, many homeowners find themselves burdened with the challenge of maintaining the temperature balance using fans or when it’s cooler, heaters and fireplaces.

Isn’t it about time there was an easier, less expensive way to keep your home at the perfect temperature all year round? Why wouldn’t you choose a luxury vinyl flooring over expensive heating bills?

So, let’s take a look at the initial benefits you’ll get from vinyl flooring as well as some you may never have realised it has. 


Being in lockdown has unleashed many newfound hobbies for each of us. Either that or we’re finally getting round ticking off the household to-do list. Forget costly installation and take to DIY to the next level by fitting your own flooring.

Each vinyl tile and plank are customised to the size of your floor and guarantees no waste or mess in the process. You have the option of using the click or glue down method which many homeowners have come to love as it enables them to complete the task in a mere few hours, rather than waiting for professionals to come in and do the job for them.

Natural look and feel

If the design you’re looking to achieve involves stone or wood you can stop looking now because you have found an alternative which remains at the highest standard of quality and is better for your bank account than the real thing.

Deciding between lightly toned or darker toned woods for a rural or urban can really give you home an inviting feel through all the seasons. Lighter woods will instantly make your home feel more spacious but if you’re worried about losing cosiness then you can always opt for a colour that has darker tones incorporated.

The same goes for darker woods, if you want to make sure you home doesn’t seem dark and dismal during those summer months, try patterning your flooring and making it less stuffed with darker wood by incorporating lighter planks of the same colour family in the pattern.

Moisture management

As we all know the British summer is often non-existent or can be subject to many rain spells throughout, but you can be sure that if the wet weather hits your flooring is going to defend itself against natures unfortunate moments.

Using unique moisture resistance technology, your flooring is durable and defensive against the elements. To renounce the use of carpet in your home is a wise choice as carpet locks in heat and dirt which means that the summer months will be stifling and wet weather is going to leave a mark in your home forever.

Unparalleled design work

The crucial element of choosing a flooring that works for you is knowing that it works around your lifestyle – not the other way around! That way the summer fun can begin and end stress-free and full of brilliant memories that will last just as long as your flooring.

There are hundreds of colour combinations and layering patterns to choose from which can work to a achieve a variety of style designs and themes, as well as impress your guests for many years. So, what you need to find now is a flooring range that suits your every need. Amtico brings an element of luxury to naturally toned wooden and stone flooring designs. Their collections such as Spacia and Form focus on bringing together tone and texture to achieve a personal design scheme. Luvanto is great choice if you’re wanting to renovate a suburban family home into a Scandinavian palace. Endure Pro, Parquet and Click and Herringbone helps designers to adopt a style from any corner of the world. Invictus is relatively new to the market and already strikingly impressive with intricate detail and impressive texture building abilities.

You may not be able to change the weather but you can change your flooring.

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