Tips For Transforming Your Loft Conversion #CP

Carving out extra living space in your home is easier than you may think, especially with loft conversions. The different types of loft conversion can be used for a myriad of things depending on the style of your property, the size of your property and the structure. Before you make a decision on the interior design, it is important to plan the your design ideas and keep them in mind before you start building. Here are some tips and ideas that can transform your loft conversion into a space you have always dreamed of.
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Create Another Living Room

Your loft conversion does not have to be something only those in the household can enjoy. Creating a cozy living room in your loft conversion will bring your guests to an interesting part of your home. Take advantage of the natural light and uniquely shaped walls to add personality to this living room. The possibilities are endless.

Loft Conversion For Kids

Most think loft conversions are perfect for a master bedroom, but it could also be used for the children. You can transform a small or narrow loft into a children’s bedroom. You could also turn it into a playroom or a hang out for your teen. When it comes to the design of this idea, keep it simple and put some personality into it.

Make A Guest Bedroom Instead

Where small loft conversion ideas are great for kids and teens, if you have more space to work with consider transforming it into a guest bedroom. Make sure you use bright furniture and accents to keep the space bright and open.

Embrace Your Loft’s Proportions

Do not ignore your loft’s proportions. Embracing them allows you to fully appreciate and use the most space. If the loft space is small, use these tips and tricks to make the room feel more open and less cluttered. Pick light color schemes while pairing those colors with warm woods. Contrast soft furnishing with deeper colors.

Plan Your Furniture Layout Ahead Of Time

By planning your furniture layout at the design stage, you can better determine where you will put your furniture, the bathroom and any other nuances of the room. Take into account the ceiling height. Determine what is priority furniture and do not trade-off the headroom, since that will affect the livability of your loft conversion.

Make Your Loft Conversion Work For You

Walls do not have to be perfect squares or rectangles. Sometimes the most interesting rooms are those that do not have perfect proportions. Make those unique characteristics of your loft conversion work in your favor. Use color or patterns to create an interesting look that will give your room much more personality.

Natural Light Is Your Friend

Your loft conversion needs windows. Think about those windows carefully. It is recommended that your window should make up 20 percent of the roof area if you are trying to maximize natural light. Also, keep in mind that where you ultimately place the windows will be determined by the shape of your roof. If your loft conversion is shallow, consider installing windows that are spaced evenly along the length of the room. On the other hand, if your loft conversion is narrower but deeper, one huge window will suffice.

Create A Bathroom

This is a flexible option no matter how big or small the space. If the space is too small, as showers require a certain amount of headroom and easy access, you could try installing a freestanding bath which can be placed under a low ceiling. If you are really looking for something luxurious, you can incorporate a shower room or wet room.
Make sure you have a good-sized window otherwise you will have to fit in an extractor fan to exhume bad air and prevent condensation from forming. You could also conceal the shower fittings, allowing you to be flexible with that space.

Turn It Into An Office

Maybe your loft conversion is not large enough for a shower room, bathroom, guest bedroom or living room in which case turning it into an office is a very good option. If you do turn your loft conversion into an office, incorporate as much natural light as possible. Avoid black-out curtains and heavy furniture. Get blinds that are soothing and neutral that let the natural light in, but reduce glare on your computer screen.
These are just a few tips and ideas you can use to transform your loft conversion into your safe haven

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