Solstice: Exploring Ireland & It’s Past #CP

Mid-summer has always been an important time for cultures across the world. For Christians, Saint John’s Eve provides a celebration for this part of the year, though few people take this tradition as seriously as those adopted back in Pagan Ireland.

The Summer Solstice occurs on the longest day of the year, marking the middle of summer. This would be celebrated with bonfires and festivals, all taking place on the Sacred Hills of Ireland. The most prominent of these was The Hill of Tara, the ancient seat of the High Kings, though there are plenty of other famous locations for these celebrations.

While Pagan Ireland is a thing of the past, many people still gather to celebrate the summer solstice each year. These celebrations aim to emulate those carried out in ancient times, offering an insight into what life was like for those in Ireland’s past, while also giving those attending the chance to have some fun.

Visiting Ireland during mid-summer is a great time to see this part of the world. Not only will you have the chance to experience the summer solstice celebrations, but you will also have the opportunity to learn a lot more about Celtic history. For now, though, check out the infographic below to develop an even deeper insight into this interesting part of history.

Infographic designed by: Celtic Cross

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