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If you are looking for some personalised Father's Day gift inspiration in the coming days then i would like to recommend to you Funky Pigeons wide range of personalised gifting from £3.99 which you can find here:

I was lucky enough to be asked to test the service and get my hands on two of the products in the range, to provide you with an honest review of the products i let my kids choose on my behalf.

Double Photo Beer Bottles - Multi Pack

For those looking to shop on a budget, but are looking for a nice personal touch then would i firstly like to recommend these personalised best of British beers.

Priced at £14.99 for a pack of 3, £24.99 for a pack of six or £39.99 for a pack of 12. You can edit the text you add to the beers and upload two images to the bottles.

Each pack includes a mix of the following Ales: 500ml bottle of refreshing Golden Ale (4.1% ABV) - a light, dry and crisp ale. 500ml bottle of Rich Amber Ale (4.2% ABV) - a smooth, easy drinking darker ale and 500ml bottle of Archers Smooth Hoppy Pale Ale (4.8% ABV) - a smooth, satisfying stronger pale ale. All brewed by Battlefield Brewery - a state of the art craft brewery in Shrewsbury.

The beers arrived in additional box and were well protected by recyclable paper. The British beer box also provides some protection against movement in the post. The beer themselves look amazing  

Full Photo Upload Face Socks

It wouldn't be Father's Day without a new pair of socks right? Well on Funky's website you can create your own awesome novelty socks, personalised with any face on. A great gift idea for your partner, dad, father figure of grandparent so that they can carry that special someone with them, everywhere they go. All you need to do is to upload a clear picture of a face from any device, whether it’s your face, their face, their cat’s face, or a celebrity’s face.

These will cost you £14.99 and with standard first class post at an additional £1.99:

The personalised socks from Funky Pigeon are made with 100% polyester, each pair of personalised face socks are infused with antibacterial agents and are sweat-wicking. Each sock also has a black toe and heel. Choose from our two available sizes: 10cm x 40cm (size 8-11) or 10cm x 35cm (size 4-7). The photo you upload will be automatically applied to both socks, so they are matching.

Note: it is worth mentioning that my products arrived separately, whilst this is not a big deal, it is worth noting if you are planning on keeping what you buy a secret!

A huge thanks to for letting me test some of their range. If you liked some of their products then i would highly recommend following them on Twitter for the latest news, competitions products and offers: 

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