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With summer on the horizons it is time to start getting your garden in shape, if you haven't started already in look down that is! I have renovated three houses so far and i can honestly say that garden renovations are the most enjoyable. If you have the time to invest in a DIY project this summer, here  are some of my garden improvement suggestions to better improve your outdoor space or to add value on to your property.

Garden Shed 

Did you know that 82 per cent of property professionals claim a decent-sized shed is the most cited feature to boost value, according  With sheds becoming more affordable and easy to install in recent years, planning to install a shed in your garden to give you that extra bit of space can be done by yourself, without having to hire a professional. There are many great guides on how to build a new shed if you do have to install one on a budget!


Laying a patio, paving and decking is a great way to add value, in fact it is down as the 2nd most valued improvement for buyers. We have recently covered a large space in our garden that would have taken a long time to landscape and three times a much to pave. Adding decking has made our garden more aesthetically pleasing and giving up more space to relax, laugh and play.

New Fence 

Third on the list was adding a new fence or wall. Which again we have done recently, due to us having an old wall that was collapsing. It did take us a year to get round to taking down the wall and building the new fence, but it was well worth the wait. 

Erecting a fence isn't the most difficult project to complete, but people please be aware that the posts needs to be set correctly to ensure the rest of the build is straightforward - i am saying this as someone who has made this mistake.

Other suggestions for adding value include the introduction of artificial grass or lawn, well designed garden furniture, water features eg. garden or pond and adequate outdoor lighting.

One of my favourite garden projects i have ever completed was the creation of home-made sandpit, you can check-out the guide here:

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