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If you are thinking of starting a minibus for hire business, you might wonder how to sell the idea to use your service to locals. The following ideas will help you get more sales. When you love to drive and are fascinated by anything car-related, starting a minibus for hire company can be an exciting and fulfilling prospect.

Convenient Travel

When everyone is together in the one minibus, they will get to the destination together at the same time and not worry that anyone got lost in their personal car on the way there. That’s especially a worry if it is their first time going to the location. Explain this benefit in posters, mailings, and other communications with potential customers.

Have Fun Together

During the trip together in the minibus, the passengers can catch up with the others in the group about what they’ve been doing lately and trade stories. They can play cards and enjoy the space they get in a minibus that is more than their family vehicle.

Stress-Free Passengers

When a group hires your minibus, they will get a personal driver, whether it is you or a member of your team. That is great news for the customers if they are not comfortable driving long distances or to a new destination on roads they haven’t been on before. So, make sure you advertise this benefit in your marketing materials.

Simply ask them where they are doing and then let them take a seat, enjoying the scenery rather than stressing about whether they are going the correct route. As the driver, you or your employee will make sure they get to the end point at their expected time.


Before offering your minibus for hire services, make sure that you get insurance first. If your vehicle fits more than nine persons but less than 16, then it is called a minibus and you require a special van insurance policy.

To get a quote for your minibus only takes a few minutes. Doing so ensures you have the proper coverage to operate your business without hassle then.

Other Uses for Minibuses

When you start your business, advertise it for more than just use for holiday destinations. You can also drive corporate teams to their meetings, as well as offering your services to schooling. Taking kids on trips with their class can be a fun outing for everyone.

Use Social Media Too

Finally, besides mailings, you can also promote your minibus for hire business via social networking websites. Social media is helpful for UK organizations of all sizes and any industry.

Find out where your customers are spending their time and then create a profile there and ask them questions, such as reasons why they travel as a group. Also, ask them what they felt was lacking in other minibus experiences they had.

Based on their answers, you can offer better customer service than your competitors. Providing an enjoyable experience can mean you get repeat clients and also that people get the best trip possible.

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