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Finding the perfect family home can be difficult. Homes with multiple rooms that also fall into the catchment areas of desirable schools are pretty hard to come by. After all, people move into them and probably won’t consider moving out until their little ones are flying the nest, meaning the majority of homeowners in these areas stay put for years. What’s more? When they do sell up, they know that their properties are really desirable, so the price tag goes up massively. Now, there are a number of ways around this. One is to live a little further away and perhaps not have the home of your choice. The second is to find a home within the catchment area of your choice at all and move into it. The problem, once again, however, is that this might not be a property that ticks all of your boxes. The good news? You don’t necessarily have to move into a property and keep it as it is, settling for the parts that don’t work for you and your family. Instead, you can renovate and adapt your home to suit everyone’s needs and preferences! Here are a few different options you might like to consider.

Get Planning Permission

Before you start setting your heart on any particular renovations, it’s a good idea to check whether you’ll be able to get planning permission. This is essentially a permit to go ahead with your planned work. If you fail to get planning permission, your local council can request that you put your house back to its original state. This could prove costly and hugely inconvenient for you. Generally speaking, as long as you’re not doing anything too outlandish, or anything that will bother your neighbours, you should receive approval!


Extensions tend to be a firm favourite when it comes to changes families make to their homes.  They’re essentially the addition of an extra room (or multiple rooms) to your property, making extra space for extra little ones. Perhaps you’ve found the perfect house, but there aren’t sufficient bedrooms for your kids. Maybe there’s a perfect property, but you’re planning another little one and don’t want to have to up and move when they arrive and require their own space. You might simply want a play room where your kids can store their toys and get involved in a host of activities without trashing the rest of your house. Whatever your reason, an extension can help to rectify your problems. There are so many different types of extension available. The first option is a ground floor extension. This is probably the simplest and most straightforward. It can add an extra room to the ground floor of your property. Another option is multiple floor extensions. This basically adds to the side, front or back of your home, adding extensions on both floors and making the whole property a lot larger.

A Loft Conversion

If you want an extra room in your home, but don’t want to add an extension, or don’t have sufficient land or space surrounding your property to add an extension, you can always consider a loft conversion. This is a great alternative and makes good use of otherwise disused space in your home. A loft conversion simply transforms your disused loft space into a functional area that could be used as a bedroom, a play room, a home office, or anything else you might need. It can be a little disruptive having people work in your loft while your family is in the home, but don’t worry, the work is generally completed pretty quickly. If you currently have belongings stored in your loft that you don’t want to throw away, consider storing them in your garage (if you have one that is unused) or a self storage unit.

An En Suite

When you have a family, you’re probably more than familiar with the chaos that is involved in getting everyone ready at once - whether that’s for school, outside of school hobby clubs, days out or events. Either that or you’re familiar with arguments and panic over multiple little ones needing the toilet at once. This is where ensuites can come into play. Rather than having everyone queuing for the bathroom on a regular basis, you can add in extra bathrooms as additions to people’s rooms. This may be adding an en suite to your room, so you can at least get ready quickly and easily. Or you can add en suites to your kids rooms as they grow older and want more privacy. They’re also great for guest rooms if you have people over to stay often. This can be a disruptive renovation, as it involves redirecting plumbing in your home. But all in all, it’s worth the effort once the work is completed.

These are just a few renovations to consider. But each can really benefit your family in a big way! So, why not try one or two of the options out?

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