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We all want to be our child's hero but when we are trying to find our feet as a parent we can struggle to be that almighty human being. In one respect, we have to remember that we don't need to be “superhuman” but it's more important for us to be the daddy that our child wants to be. What do our children really want from us?

The Basics
You may have got it into your head that you need to be the big provider but this doesn't mean that you've got to be flash with the cash. Instead, think about aspects of your life that can help you financially but still give your children what they want. You have to remember that when your children come into this world that they aren’t predisposed to the highfalutin things in life. And this means that when you start to implement a more minimalist lifestyle or learn to be better with your money your children won't know any different. Because if you're trying to be the big provider and get the best car this doesn't necessarily have to be the case. You can easily get used cars from places like Ron Skinner and Sons that will do the job just as well. We've got to remember that we are their dads, not necessarily the “big provider.” As long as we give them the basics, this is enough.

They Want Us To Love Them Regardless
Of course, we love them but we have to remember that we need to show them we do. For some dads, this is quite difficult. But this means you've got to get into the habit of being more complementary or think about giving them a hug on occasion. Every child wants the approval of their parents and while this doesn't mean we have to just give them approval regardless of the situation we still need to love them. And we have to remember that they will start to make their own decisions in life and they will make mistakes, but rather than having to solve the problem for them as long as they know that we love them this will give them the strength to push through.

Teaching Them The Big Lessons
One of the big obstacles in life is getting a driving licence and when we start to form a bond with our child that can involve climbing trees or playing football it's these things that our children will remember and take to the next phase of their life. With something like learning to drive, it is a fantastic way for you to spend time with your child but also learn from being a calm parent. We want our children to learn big lessons in life but this usually means that we should be there with them. And we have to remember that they want us there for the big things.

Being the daddy that your child wants you to be starts from day zero. And as they grow older there can be a lot of difficulties in the relationship but there can also be fantastic moments. If you want to be the daddy that your child wants, you to just be yourself.

Karl Young

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