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Choosing the right dentist is essential to ensuring quality oral care for your family. Whether you’re moving to a new community or only looking to swap, you may not know where to start. The right dentist can be the difference between having the motivation to look after your dental health or avoiding visits at all costs.

When you’re in the market for a new family dentist, here are some of the crucial factors to consider.

1.      Experience and Training

One of the first things to consider when choosing a family dentist is their dental training and experience. Find out what education they have and when they received it. As dental processes change, your dentist must stay up to date on their training by taking continuing education courses.

You want to pick a dentist who has experience with a wide variety of procedures, treatments and age groups. While many years of experience is excellent, if they haven’t worked with kids than they won’t be a good fit.

2.      The quality of services and equipment

Ideally, your dentist will be a one-stop-shop for all your dental services. The last thing you want is to have to find multiple dentists for each procedure your family needs doing. On top of that, a full-service dentist will get to know your family, and your medical history, without having to fill out heaps of paperwork each time. It will also make booking appointments more straightforward.

Find a dentist that does everything from teeth cleanings to extractions, root canals and orthodontics. As well as this, you need to make sure they have good quality dental equipment and supplies that are needed to meet your family’s needs.

3.      Visit the facility

Take the whole family and visit the dental office before making a decision. It’s vital that your entire family, especially the kids, feel comfortable. Observe how the staff interacts with their clients and each other. The atmosphere should be calm and inviting to encourage your family to invest in your oral health. Most importantly, arrange to meet the dentist. Ensure they are professional yet make you and your family feel at ease.

4.      Location

For convenience, a dentist that is close to your workplace or home will make your life easier. If your children are in school, look to see if any offices are located close by. Since dentists’ appointments are usually during working hours, it will be easier to coordinate them if the clinic is nearby. Convenience will make you and your family more likely to attend the clinic and keep on top of your oral health.

5.      Ask around and read testimonials

The best way to find the right dentist for your family is through referrals. Ask others in your area who they go to see, and what their experience is like. They are most likely to give you a reliable recommendation. Also, jump online and read reviews and testimonials from other clients. Pay special attention to how they interact with children, and if there are any common negative trends in the reviews.  

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