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As parents, all we ever wanted is for our children to have a good upbringing, and all the tools that they need to do well in life. We do our best, to give them what we didn’t have his children, and to support them as best as we can. But sometimes things don’t go to plan the way we helped, and we have to help the children deal with these changes, and upsets along the way. This is part of life, and it’s not always a bad thing for children to learn this quite young since it teaches them how to overcome obstacles, and not allow them to affect us too much. But what sorts of things can crop up and tip the balance? And how do we deal with them when they occur?

We all have an idea of what we help our relationship, and family to look like, and it doesn’t always work out that way. Relationships breakdown, and sometimes we need to hire divorce solicitors, to deal with the situation, and this can, of course, upset children along the way. But if you are open with your children, and help them understand the case, you will end up with children who aren’t too unsettled by that. Teaching children that things sometimes change, and Are beyond their control, but teaching them how to overcome this problem, can be life-changing.

Sometimes families need to relocate for work, for safety reasons, and sometimes relocation can be a little bit of a distance. But preparing your children beforehand, helping them pack their belongings safely, and talking them through the whole process will benefit your children over time. Building resilience, and teaching children how to relocate, and make new friends, is going to really help the children settle! 

When applying for school places, you always hope that you will get your first choice. But with oversubscribed schools, and more people moving into different areas, you may not find yourself again in your primary choice school for your children, if this is the school that their friends are going to, then you’re going to have to support your child through this upsetting time. But reminding your children how quickly they will find friends, and forget all about the other school before they know it, can help. It may seem devastating, and it may cause some problems with a separate cooler that they don’t know already in school. Still, eventually, your children will Thank you for doing the best for them over time finally!

Just being there for your children during these be changes is more than enough, many parents don’t know themselves during these times, but remember that everyone survived and came out the other side. Generally, people are stronger, and children learn to deal with adversity at a young age and take their lessons from S and how we deal with things. If you are someone who enjoys the peace and quiet, then that’s an option, but if you would like to find out anything else, then you have the resources at your fingertips.

*This post was written in collaboration with a third party, the words expressed are my own*

Karl Young

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