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Decorating a nursery is an exciting and fun activity for all parents, whether it’s their first child or their fourth. Creating a room that’s colourful and themed can spark your child’s imaginations (as well as yours!) and create a safe haven. After all, unless you are going moving home, this may be the room your baby grows up in until they leave the house for good.

Select a theme

This may be difficult to do if you’re still expecting and are unsure on what your baby will love, but that doesn’t mean you cannot settle on a theme. There are many to choose from, and if you do not know the sex of your baby (or you do not wish to rely on gender stereotypes), there are many gender-neutral themes available, too.

Popular nursery theme ideas

Wild thing

Do you love animals and the wildlife? If so, then having a wildlife-themed nursery adds a childish but also chic interior design to your baby’s room. What’s so great about this theme, too, is the fact that it can be grey and minimalists, or as colourful as you please. Include tigers, elephants, giraffes, and pandas; having statues, soft toys and pictures of animals will add to the aesthetic, making it pleasing for adults and children alike.


Who doesn’t love a mountainous backdrop? Again, this can be gender neutral, and to keep it natural, adding wooden elements can making a beautiful nursery. A wooden crib, wooden mobile, and mountains painted on the wall can give a fantastical and whimsy design that your child can grow up with this interior.


Do you want your baby girl to be watched over by fairies? If so, stunning fairy wall stickers for your little girls nursery can add magic to your baby’s room. Personalise the wall decals by including your baby’s name. This can add an extra something special to your nursery.

Think about organisation

A baby is not easy to look after, which is why you will want to ensure your room is easy to navigate and makes sense. You will want to include a rocking chair, a changing station, a place to store clothes, a play area, an area for toys to be stored, and organise the room so that you can easily go from one station to another.

For instance, have clothes by the changing station so that you can put on a new outfit easily. Have a washing basket and bin at hand, too. A disorganised nursery can make raising your newborn more difficult.

Make it comfortable

A rocking chair is great for when you want to get your child off to sleep, but what if you, the parent, need a place to unwind while your child is also sleeping. Having a comfy armchair is a great addition to a nursery, and when paired with a footrest, it can be pure bliss. This is especially true as your first year will probably be spent sleeping when your baby is sleeping – and collapsing in a nearby armchair can be exactly what the doctor ordered.

TIP: Have a couple of blankets neatly folded in a basket beside your armchair. This is so that you can curl up beneath them, and having a second one is just in case the baby spits up on one.
Don’t forget about the ceiling

Your baby will spend most of their time looking up at the ceiling, so ensuring that there is something for them to gaze at is important. It can help with their imagination, and the extra stimuli can let them contemplate. Paint the ceiling or have decals. You could include some glow in the dark stars if you have a space-themed nursery.

Have space for your little one to grow into

You do not have to use every nook and cranny; rather, you can save it so that you can grow into the room as your baby develops and grows, too. You’ll find that as your baby grows into a toddler, they will need different and more toys.

However, you also need to consider the furniture. Rather than buy furniture that your baby fits snuggly now, think more long-term. Have a crib they can grow into, for example.

Think about a nightlight 

A nightlight offers comfort and safety to your baby, so ensure you are placing the nightlight in the correct place. You want your child to see the nightlight when they are sleeping, but it also needs to be useful for when you are feeding late at night.

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