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When you’re a working dad with plenty of responsibilities, it’s important to make sure you keep hold of those social ties. It’s all too easy for friends to drift off and become acquaintances that you get to see maybe once or twice a year. However, for many a dad, it’s not too wise to have your social life revolve around a night at the pub, especially not when you have young kids to come home to. So, what can you get up to, instead?

Get together for some five-a-side
Have a local indoor football stadium or a pitch that’s free to use? Getting the boys together for a weekly or bi-weekly planned game of five-a-side can encourage that kind of friendly competition that male bonds are so often built on. Furthermore, it’s a good way to help create a healthy life even when you’re busy being a responsible dad.

Try a different kind of game
Why would you head into town with the guys if you didn’t have something to do with your time, such as having a drink? An evening in town doesn’t have to mean going straight to the pub. Instead, why not look for activities and games that could get everyone involved? Games like mini golf or urban axe throwing will bring out that competitive side, as mentioned, but they’re also very casual and easy to get into. It’s good fun if no-one familiar with it, so everyone’s trying to get used to it, too.

Host a board game night
You might scoff at the notion of playing Cluedo with a bunch of your guy friends, but those aren’t the only board games around. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly common for grown men and even couples with kids to have a board game night that looks at some of the more exciting or comedic games out there. Whether it’s a game about figuring out which player is a spy, or one about being a dragon and building a hoard of treasure, there are plenty to keep you and your pals entertained.

Screen some classic movies
If you had a big TV in the room or garage, you probably used to do this plenty as a kid, so why can’t you do it now? A weekly movie night with the guys, whether it’s hosted at someone’s house or you go check out some classic films at the local cinemas, can offer some much needed respite from the world for a couple of hours. If you’re at the cinema, you can stick around to mess on the arcade machines, go bowling, or get some food after, as well.

A great way to make sure you and the boys are always planning the next day or evening out is to get together in a WhatsApp or Facebook group. You can easily keep updated on plans this way and throw out new ideas, but you can also keep up with the banter when you can’t get together.

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