Keeping Your Kids Quiet In The Car: Secrets That Never Fail | #CP

Keeping your kids quiet in the car might seem like an impossible task, but there are things you can do to encourage them to enjoy the drive. If you use the tips below, you won’t hear a peep out of them (well, hardly). Take a look and see what you could do next time you go on a long drive:

Take A Novelty Item That They Don't Know About

By taking a novelty item that they don’t know about, you can surprise them when they start to get a bit restless. It’s key that they don’t know about it, or it simply won’t have the same effect. This could be anything you feel will excite them and keep them quiet for a while, but make sure you pick the right moment to pull it out.

Get Kids Excited About Where You’re Going 

By making kids excited about where you’re going, they will be less likely to whinge, moan, and ask tons of questions. It won’t always stop them from getting restless, but they should be able to tolerate the car journey more if they know they’re going to end up somewhere exciting.

Carry Treats

Take some sweets and other treats with you. Healthy snacks are important, but some chocolate could help to pacify them for a while if you need it.

Make Sure Your Car Is Safe Before You Go

Always make sure your car is safe before you go. If this is an especially long road trip, you should do a full service or even take it to a garage to ensure it’s safe enough. If you have the cash, it might even be worth renting a more reliable one. You could even buy one from LMC if you think the time is right. Having peace of mind while you’re on the road is key.

Purchase In An In Car Dvd Player
Purchasing an in car DVD player won’t set you back much, but it will help to keep the kids quiet to no end. You could also let them use your phone or an iPad if they are old enough and can be trusted not to drop or break it. Simply download some of their favorite shows and programs before you set off and they should be occupied for hours. In an ideal world they would enjoy the scenery, but you can’t always rely on that.

Remember: Your Kids Will Mimic Your Mood 

If you’re stressed and anxious, your kids will be too. They mimic your mood, so try to be upbeat and excited ready for the journey.

Drive At Night

Driving at night won’t be for everyone, but this is how you can pretty much guarantee quiet kids. You can take shifts with your partner to make sure it’s a safe journey all round.

Make Stops 

Always plan to make stops so kids can stretch their legs and use the toilet. You might even want to research parks you can stop at. Don’t expect them to sit still and quiet throughout the whole journey!

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