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Even the most body confident individual can have their confidence knocked when they become a parent. The very nature of being a parent means that you automatically put your child first; even if that means that your health and well-being are put on the back burner for a few months – or let’s be honest, a few years.

However, there comes a time when you need to start thinking about yourself again. When you start actively caring about your appearance rather than simply pulling on whatever shirt isn’t covered in baby emissions - even if it’s your wife’s over-sized pyjama top. (You know you’ve all been there!)

Although it’s not always as easy as just going out and maxing out your credit card in the nearest Topman (or Marks & Spencer if you are honest!)

You need to regain your former glory. Ooze confidence and assertiveness from your every pore.

But how?

Forget About Perfection

Mainly because it doesn’t actually exist; not without a lot of filters, a professional photographer, and the perfect lighting anyway. What you see on Love Island is not an accurate portrayal of the average man who has a family to look after and a demanding job to do.  In fact, looking good is their sole job, so it’s no wonder they are excelling at it.
Instead, focus on what you want and how realistic it is for you to achieve that; whether that involves committing to an hour’s exercise three times a week, limiting your Friday takeaway to once a month or updating your wardrobe.

Challenge Male Stereotypes

Why is it that men are expected to be strong, fearless and confident at all times? Why is showing any emotion frowned upon? Men can have days where they feel low, overly emotional or lacking in confidence just as women can.
The need to appear confident and strong can lead to an unhealthy, obsession-like attitude towards fitness and exercise, which in turn can lead to extreme self-criticism.
To avoid going down this route, centre on what type of man you want to be, not what society expects you to be.

Feel Good On The Inside

It’s very difficult to feel body confident on the outside if you don’t feel healthy on the inside. Many men find it difficult to talk about their health and would prefer to soldier on until a problem becomes unbearable rather than seek medical advice.
Don’t be one of these men. Look after your body and you will look and feel better for it. Curcumin and turmeric supplements are especially good for men’s health and can help fight inflammation, promote good prostate health and help combat sighs of depression - available at Health Monthly.

Make Time For Yourself

So simple, yet so effective. Find a hobby that you love, one that makes you feel good doing and your confidence will soar. Even better if you choose an active activity, as the endorphins that are released when you work out will instantly make you feel better about yourself; with the added bonus that you may just some lose weight too.

Share Your Insecurities

Remember that saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’? If you are feeling insecure about your body, talk to your friends about it. This may seem scary if the most you and your mates do is talk about the latest rugby scores, but you may just be surprised at their reactions.

Karl Young

Part-time daddy and lifestyle blogger. Father of 2 boys under 2. Golfer, scare-fan, tea-lover, traveller, squash and poker player. I write on the @HuffPostUK http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/karl-young/

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