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Whether you have a small urban garden or a large country estate, building a pond into your design is always a good idea. Ponds are relatively easy to maintain and they add character and beauty to any garden. 

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Constructing a pond is surprisingly simple too. Just make sure that you get the right depth if you want to add some fish! Koi carp need at least 1m depth but ideally, 1.5m but other smaller fish will be happy with around 60cm.

Ponds are a lovely addition to any garden and they don’t take a lot of effort to create or maintain. But even if you don’t fancy keeping fish, there are 3 other very good reasons your garden needs a pond. 

Create a Calming Feature

It’s well known that the sound of water is incredibly calming and just being able to sit and look at the flowing water is a lovely way to relax. If you like, you could add a water fountain or a small waterfall, or you could even create a small run down to your pond to imitate a babbling brook. 

To keep the water nice and clean - reducing the maintenance on your pond significantly - you should choose a pond filter. Pond filters are designed to ensure that your water stays healthy and most will work well with fish too. And, the less you have to do, the more calming your pond will be! 

Attract Wildlife

Another good reason to build a pond is to attract wildlife. Frogs, newts, dragonflies and even hedgehogs will all find your pond on their own and if you provide the right conditions, they will probably move in. Adding a few plants will definitely encourage newts and dragonflies; frogs like to eat algae, which is handy for keeping the water clear and hedgehogs like to bathe, though they do need a gentle slope like a plank to get out.

Bringing wildlife into your garden is a lovely way to get closer to nature and let nature take care of the rest of your garden too. A little bit of wild never did any harm, especially if you are a more relaxed gardener. Nature abhors a vacuum so you’ll be surprised how quickly your land is populated! 

The Kids Will Love It

To make a garden fit for kids, it’s important that you aren’t too precious about your design. Kids will want a large lawn to run around on and a space to play without worrying about getting messy. But adding a pond is great way to introduce them to the natural world too. 

Frogspawn is of endless fascination to children and they will love sitting by the water and spotting various bugs coming and going too. The best designs will make it easy for kids to see into the water without putting them at risk. So, create a fairly shallow area close to the edge with a gentle incline. This way, they can see what’s going on but won’t be at risk of deeper water.

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