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There are few things better than getting the opportunity to spend a weekend with the people you care about the most. After a week of hard work, school, and keeping up with your other responsibilities, having the chance to unwind is essential. Of course, though, a lot of households find themselves butting heads when it comes to choosing activities for these rare occasions. To take some of the pressure off, this post will be exploring a range of great things to do during times like this, without having to spend a fortune in the process.


Before you skip to the next section, it’s worth giving museums a chance. While some are dull, dusty old places, filled with artefacts which may interest adults, but will send most kids to sleep, there are those out there which can offer fun for everyone. Modern museums are far more captivating than they used to be, with the Magna Science Adventure Center in Rotherham serving as a great example of this. Instead of looking at the display cases and reading plaques, you’ll spend a day surrounded by a huge range of impressive scientific experiments. Options like this are typically designed to be very affordable, and some may even be free. Read my review of Magna here.


Next up, it’s time for something equally exciting as spending a day learning about science; the theatre. This form of art as seen somewhat of a resurgence in recent times, with hit plays hitting the stage all the time. London Theatre tickets are often expensive and hard to find, but if you’re able to go last minute, you can save a small fortune on the time you spend watching shows, while still enjoying the biggest titles. There are plenty of examples out there which will be just as fun for adults as they are for kids, making it incredibly easy to find shows which everyone will want to watch. Of course, though, you may still need to figure out a fair system to pick the shows you go to.

Sporting Activities

While not everyone enjoys sitting down and watching sports games on TV, it’s easy to find fun in playing these games with people you enjoy spending time with. There are practically countless options out there when it comes to sports, and most cities and towns have places for you to go and play them. The biggest benefit of a choice like this is the price. Leisure centers and sports fields charge nearly nothing to use their facilities, and you can often find all of the refreshments and amenities you need nice and close by. Like going to the theatre, you may have to rotate the games you play to keep everyone satisfied.

With all of this in mind, you should be ready to start looking for more things to do when you have a weekend free with the family. Trying new things is a great way to keep you time together entertaining, without forcing anyone to endure things which they don’t enjoy.

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