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If you’re crazy about your car you'll likely be looking for ways to jazz-it-up, be this the interior or exterior. There are so many options out there for the car enthusiast, yet for many of us, we would like to turn our car into a hobby without breaking the bank! If this sounds a little like you, perhaps you’ll want to consider some of the ways that you can customise your wheels on a budget.


Seat covers

If your seat covers are a little dull, perhaps it’s an idea to invest in some new ones to achieve more of a colourful, stand-out or sleek look. You can get some pretty cool looking seat covers for as little as £30 that will give your interior a brand new feel. If the original material of your seats has gotten a little worn or damaged, this can be an excellent go-to instead of entirely replacing them.

Custom number plate

Many people think that a personalised number plate has to cost the earth; fortunately, there are plenty of cheap number plates available which can still be personalised to your name, initials, an in-joke or a certain date. If you opt for a personalised number plate, you’ll be ensuring that your ride makes and impact and has that unique wow factor that every car lover is after. Many number plates can increase in value as time goes by so you could even wind up earning a cheeky bit of cash if you ever decided to sell it to another car owner.

LED Lights

If you’re a fan of that techy-spaceship look, why not invest in some LED lights for your car? These look super-cool plus they are fun and accessible price-wise, starting at as little as £11.99. That neon-glow that will undoubtedly leave your car fully jazzed-up! If you want even more accessories to add some colour, or reflect a certain look, why not try a gear stick cover to match your seats? Many of us view our cars in the same way that we do our fashion sense, and are looking to create a particular image. If that's your idea of a good time; you can achieve this by purchasing a few bits and bobs that reflect your personality.
Car Refrigerator

For road trips, or simply for everyday convenience, car refrigerators can be an excellent option for those who want to add some features to the interior of their car without denting the budget too much. You can get a car refrigeration for as little as around £23.99. Just grab your favourite snacks and drinks and your good to go! You won’t regret this when you and your family arrive at your favourite picnic spot with all your food and drinks nice and cold.

Great Sound System

Music fans will relish those times in their car listening to their favourite songs. Sometimes when we have a killer sound system- we don’t mind being stuck in traffic so much! Investing in a great pair of speakers for your car doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and you’re unlikely to regret it when you’re belting out those tunes!

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