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While not everyone drives as an adult, many of us know the nervous feeling we had when we became eligible to. For those of us who took lessons and qualified, we can remember how difficult it might have been to learn the basics of car handling, something we take for granted now we have practice under our belt.
This is where a supportive parent can come in handy. With the right direction, the ability to set a great example and expect a certain standard from your child, they can find it easier and more comfortable to view driving as something positive. Driving is a scary prospect for some, so it’s a great idea to help them feel comfortable learning how to, and feeling a sense of achievement when they pass. Because it is an achievement.

However, a pushy parent, or one a little too harsh with their learning child can often leave them with a neurotic relationship to driving for some time, and that’s never good where safety is concerned. Let us see how you might set a great example ahead of time:

Be Patient

Remember, everyone learns at their own pace. It might have taken you ten lessons before you were ready to pass your test. It might take your son or daughter thirty. It’s important to ensure that you don’t try to compare them, or denigrate them in any way. If you’re worried about cost, it can be worthwhile to ask them to pay for the lessons with their own earnings, as that’s the healthiest option. Or, because this is a life skill they need, you might help match half of the price of each lesson, or pay for every fifth lesson they do. Remember, staying patient, especially if you hope to let them practice in your car (a thing that can sometimes come between learners and their parents,) can be essential.

Help Them Research

Finding a car, learning about road tax, and getting insured can be a difficult time. There’s so much to learn, and sometimes, plenty of cost involved. Of course, we’re not suggesting you purchase them a car, but helping them learn what to look for, how to inspect a car (yet attending second-hand viewings with them,) and finding the best cheap car insurance for first time drivers under 25 can all be tremendously worthwhile, and this might help them out to no end. A little research can go a long way.

Use Conditions

It might be that for paying for some of the lessons or helping them find a car, you let them know what the ground rules are ahead of time. Ensuring they understand that they should only give people rides who they trust, how to set ground rules in a car, and how to ask for fuel money as standard is all important. It can make sure they aren’t taken advantage of. After all, if they are one of the first in their year group to learn how to drive - they’re about to get much undue attention.

With this advice, we hope you’ll be better able to steer your child in the right direction.

Karl Young

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