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Data is now more valuable than oil. At least, that’s a quote from ‘The Big Hack,’ Netflix’s latest documentary about the effects of Cambridge Analytica on the 2016 US election. However, whether or not this continues to be the case, it’s not uncommon knowledge that corporations and digital thieves the world over certainly have an eye on our data. This can be quite discouraging to learn about in the first instance. What does this mean, and how might we combat it? It can seem as though an expert level knowledge of hacking is the only thing you can utilize in order to protect yourself.

Actually, that’s not the case. While you might see celebrity Twitter pages often taken over, or perhaps intimate photographs leaked, with a little care and attention you can avoid that pickle yourself. Perhaps the first step is not to be a celebrity. So that’s step one completed. But the rest of the advice is still worthwhile, and is as follows:

Ensure You Use 2FA

Two factor authentication, or 2FA for short, is an important measure of keeping your digital accounts safe. But for the best results, it needs to be used for everything. Yes, we mean everything. Every single online account you have that you can track or has your information is best protected under this security scheme. Using apps such as the Google Authenticator or Authy, you can keep them all under one roof.

Using an authentication app that itself allows for password or fingerprint protection can be an important secondary consideration. Consider the accounts you might not even pay attention to in a normal day. Your Microsoft account, Apple account, Evernote account, Google account, gaming accounts, even the most inconsequential accounts that you use could all cause you inconvenience should they be taken over. App authentication is much better than mobile authentication as texts can sometimes be compromised, so use that option where appropriate. They will give you an extra login code whenever logging into a service, and you can save browsers or devices to ensure you only need to input said code once every 30 days.

Backup Your Data

Backing up your data in the cloud can be important, but so can saving it to different devices. For example, learn how to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac for the best results. Backing up your data matters, because if you’re locked out of your accounts, it can cause some real inconvenience and put other factors at risk.

Read The Privacy Terms

It sounds like a hassle, but if unsure, reading the privacy terms of any contract you accept can help you avoid being tracked in the worst manner. You would be surprised just how many small apps require access to your messages or photo gallery. Being on guard can help you avoid those issues where they might show.

With this advice, you are certain to avoid that annoying pickle of having your data compromised.

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