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Leeds has experienced a complete revival over the last decade and the city seems almost unrecognisable to the historic town that has been redeveloped over the years. Plans are in the pipeline to progress the region further as regeneration schemes have been outlined to improve, develop and transform the existing landscape. From infrastructure to new builds, these radical transformations are set to boost the future of the city in terms of appeal and economy.
Leeds South Bank
As the largest and most determined regeneration scheme throughout the UK, Leeds South Bank has been highly anticipated by the people living in the surrounding areas. Once a forgotten part of the city, Leeds South Bank has materialised into a successful and flourishing business, educational and residential district, with plans that aim to further transform the area, in the hope of elevating its appeal.

The future vision is to transform the South Bank into a distinctive location, and one that stands as one of the top performing and most attractive areas for attracting global investment. Regeneration schemes like this one are the key to Leeds’ growth in the future. Transforming 185-hectare space into one of the largest redevelopments in Europe will help introduce 35,000 new jobs and around 4,000 new homes. Providing all goes to plan, modern public spaces, a new park and landmark buildings could help create the city’s biggest achievement of the last 100 years.

Set for completion in 2033, the arrival of the high-speed rail will enhance connectivity between Leeds and London, reducing commute time for business professionals travelling up and down the country regularly. HS2 forms a part of the South Bank’s development plans as it will connect to a new and updated version of the existing station, which happens to be the busiest in the whole of the North. Through progressions in the South Bank, HS2 will have a huge part to play in attracting new businesses, new residents and new investment into the city of Leeds. Companies like RW Invest are choosing to invest in Leeds due to the ambitious projects reshaping the landscape and adding to its prosperous future.
A new regional hub
Leeds is known for being one of the largest, and most successful, commercial districts in the UK, but it has recently welcomed a new regional hub to its centre, Channel 4. Channel 4’s relocation to Leeds has beat rival bids from Birmingham and Manchester and a total of 30 cities that applied. Approximately 200 staff will relocate to the city from the London headquarters by end of 2019 as Leeds makes way for a new state of the art TV studio.

Once established the new national headquarters will bring approximately 300 jobs to Leeds. Evidently, the location will not only amplify the city’s profile, but it will also develop the existing economy and attract a new wave of talent to the city.

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